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Online Interview Software Tutorial

1. Admin

  • Manage test library and test category
  • List of Assessment
  • List of candidates
  • List of videos
  • View Reports
  • Email Template for interview

a. Manage Test Library and Test Category

Manage Test Category:
This is used for creating a category for a test. A category can have multiple tests. You can also check how many tests are under a category.

Manage Test library:
Under this section admin has ability to create/edit/view/delete a Test library. Using this functionality, employer can create their own assessment easily.

How to create Test and Test category?
Before creating a test library, add a test category first. Then you can create a test library.
Steps to follow to create test category and library:

Creating Test Category:

  • 1. Login as an admin and click on Interview > Test library menu
  • 2. Next, on top there is a test category link click on it.
  • 3. Next, you will redirect to the list of category page. In this page there is a New button click on it.
  • 4. After click on Next button, a form page will open so fill the form and click on submit. After submitting the form, category will be added to the database. Admin can create many categories for their test library.

Creating Test Library:

This process is same like a creating a test category. For creating test library admin must add these 3 options for making test library complete:

  • 1. Add test library
  • 2. Add result message for test library
  • 3. Next, Add Question and choices for test library

How to make Test library?

Here are some steps to create a test library.

Step 1: Create Test

  • 1. Create Test: For creating the test go to interview > test library and click on new button and fill the form. Test will be created
  • 2. Next, after submit the form you will redirect to the list of test page, in list test page there is column name as save as template so click on the column row to make test as library

Note: admin can create, edit, view and delete the test

Step 2: Add Message

  • 1. Click on interview > test library you will be redirect to the list of test page
  • 2. Next, in list test page there is a column name add message click on it
  • 3. After clicking on add message link you will be redirect to the message list page, there is button called a – new message click on it and submit the form

Note: Message section is used for categories the jobseeker performance based on his total points. For example, suppose jobseeker attempted the test and after attempting the test jobseeker will get some total points. Based on total point we have to automate the result and show the message to the jobseeker how was the test? So, if jobseeker total points are match the range of (min, max) value then the message admin has filled will be shown.

Step 3: Add question/choices:

The final step for test is adding the question and its choices

  • 1. Click on interview > questions menu.
  • 2. Next, after clicking on question the list of tests you have been created will be shown. So, for which test you want to add the question you have to click on – New question button.
  • 3. Next, a form will open. Inside the form there is three types of input fields.
    • a. Question title
    • b. Choices for question
    • c. And correct point for the choices.

For creating the multiple choices, you must have to click on add another option button.
Now the library questions can be used by employer.

b. List of Assessment:

Admin can view the list of all assessment which is created by employer

c. List of Candidates:

Admin can view the list of all candidates which are selected by employer

d. List video

Admin can view the list of videos has been uploaded by the jobseeker.

e. Reports

Under this section admin can view and check:

  • a. Total no of assessment added
  • b. Total no of test library added by admin
  • c. Total no of employer tests
  • d. Total no of questions added
  • e. Total no of candidate
  • f. Total no of uploaded videos uploaded.

f. Email template for an interview:

Use case of email template?
The use case of this feature is to customize your email template, you can add edit the template while sending any invitation related to assessment.

Where it can be used?
This feature is used inside under two functionalities.

  • 1. The mail would be sent when making the assessment invitation.
  • 2.The mail would be sent when a candidate completed the test.

The mail would be automatically sent while making assessment invitation and candidate completed their test.

Under this section admin can add two type of assessment:

  • 1. Add template for sending assessment invitation
  • 2. Add template for test complete.

How to create Template?

Admin has the ability to create a default email template set for interview. Admin can add two types of email template such as one type is – Invite and other is – Complete.

The steps to create an email template:

  • 1. First login as admin.
  • 2. Next, click on the – Email templates menu.
  • 3. Next, you will the list of sub-menus related the email templates. So, click on the – Interview email template.
  • 4. Next, you will redirect to the list of email template page, then click on the – New button.
  • 5. After click on new a form will open Fill the form input such as subject, select type of template (invite or complete) and add the message, then submit the form your template will be generated.

Note: In interview software by default we added the template you can customize or edit the record. For adding some dynamic candidate name, recruiter name or adding assessment link you have to use some predefine variable which is describe at the template creation page.



2. Employer

  • Add Assessment
  • View Candidates
  • Conduct Tests
  • Conduct Video Interview
  • Invite candidates

a. Add Assessment:

Assessment is used by companies which consist of multiple test and custom question.

What is the use case of assessment?

  • It allows employer/companies to develop assessment and test the skill of candidates.
  • In our software assessment consist of validated test from our library and there is also add custom test ability.
  • By default, company’s assessment valid for 2 months after that it will expired.

Invite candidate:
For inviting the candidates for an assessment:

  • First you have to create an assessment.
  • Next, after creating an assessment you will be redirect to assessment list page where there is an invite link for each assessment.
  • Next, click on invite link then a view page will open inside view page there will be an invite form.
  • Next, fill the form with candidate name and email next submit the form. A invite link would be sent to the candidate.

b. View Candidates

Under this the list of candidates will be shown who had done their assign test for an assessment. Using this company/employer can view the candidate resume also. This option gives you an ability to find candidate easily with their test score and resume.

c. Conduct Tests

Company/employer has the ability to create his/her custom question list for their assessment. Using this option, you can create up to two type of custom test such as:

  • Video test: in this section you can create a video-based test for a candidate where candidate submit the answer in the format of video.
  • MCQ test: in this section you can add one question for each MCQ (multiple choice questions) test. Where candidate give the response based on one selected correct answer.

How to create a Test (Video/MCQ):

  • 1. For creating the test click on Tests menu link. You will redirect to the list of test page.
  • 2. Next, click on create new test button.
  • 3. After click on the link a new page will open where you will be asked select (Video or MCQ) the test you want to create, then click one of them.
  • 4. After selecting the test, a new form will be open, so next fill and submit the form.
  • 5. After submitting the form your test will be created. You can these test in your assessment.

d. Conduct Video Interview

This section is used to view the uploaded video test of a candidate. If any candidate performs a video test for an assessment employer can view his/her video test under this section.

Company/employer can track:

  • a. Company/employer can view detail of uploaded video
  • b. Can view candidate name, email, IP address, location of uploaded video.
  • c. Can view the resume of candidate.
  • d. Add the messageas areport for the candidate who uploaded the video.

e. Invite Candidates

This section is used to view the list of invitation has been sent by company/employer for an assessment. Where he can see which invitation is accepted or pending.


3. Jobseeker

a. Test

The test is used for list the assessment invitation which is accepted by the candidates. Candidate can view the list of assessment and can take the test for the assessment.

How to take a test?

  • a. Candidate can give the test if the invitation was sent by the recruiter.
  • b. If invitation is accepted by the candidate, he can see the list of assessment.
  • c. Next, click on assessment or take test link, you will redirect to the test list page for an assessment.
  • d. Next, after redirecting to the test list page click on the start test link.
  • e. And your test will be start.

Note: under assessment there will be a two type of test can be given one is MCQ based and video base test.

b. Test taken

If candidate want to see which test, they have done. He can see the list of tests taken by him under the Test taken; just click on the button candidate can see the list of tests taken by him otherwise no test would be visible if it is not taken.

c. Calendar

This feature gives you to keep track of your test record in calendar format. Candidate can see the test taken by him in calendar format.

d. My Videos

This feature is used to view the list of candidate videos. The video is a test video which is taken by the candidate. So, it helps to candidate to view their uploaded or recorded video test.


List of Features – Online Interview Software

Online Interview Software from is an all-in-one Recruitment solution that combines Video Interviewing, Online Assessment and Test Software.

List of Features:


Employers can post interviews for candidates to attend and they can:

  • Post assessment
  • View candidates
  • Conduct MCQ test
  • Add post Test Message/result
  • Video interview questions for candidates to answer
  • Invite candidates by email
  • View and use Test Library
  • View Reports

Job Seekers

Jobseekers can attend interview and check the results and they can:

  • View assessment
  • View job
  • Take MCQ test
  • Answer video interview questions in their dashboard
  • View Interview invitations
  • View Reports
  • View Interview dates in Calendar


Admin has full control of the process and can:

  • Manage Test Library
  • Add Questions and Answers
  • Add Test category
  • View list of Assessment
  • List of candidates
  • List of videos
  • View reports
  • Edit email template

Online Assessment

Assessment is a combination of a test library and a custom test (video test and custom question) that evaluates the candidate’s performance.

An employer can add multiple tests for his assessment and can invite the candidate.
Based on the assessment employer can see and view the report of candidates.

How to create an online assessment?

  • Log in as an employer you will redirect to the dashboard section
  • Next, click on the test menu
  • After that you will redirect to the test dashboard, here click on create new assessment button
  • After clicking on the button you will be redirected to the create assessment form

Here are four steps to create an assessment

  • First, give the assessment name and select the job
  • Second, a list of test libraries will appear so select as much you want
  • Third, a list of custom tests (video, MCQ) will appear
  • Fourth, review the selected data and submit the form
  • After submitting the form your assessment will be created

Video Interview

This feature allows an employer to add a video test for a candidate.
Employers create a question for their candidate in the format of text.
And candidate replies the question in the form of a video.

Benefits of Video Interview:

  • Get a candidate’s first impression
  • Know about the candidate’s communication skills
  • To measure candidate expression

Some basic questions that you can ask in a video

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What are your strength and weakness?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What was your salary in your last job?

A video test is a test where the employer adds a question and the candidate responds in a video format.

Custom Test

This feature allows an employer to create the multiple-choice question.
The employer can add only one question at a time with their answer.
This feature is used in the assessment creation.
The employer can use this feature if they want to ask multiple-choice-question to their candidate.
They can create their custom test and assign it to the assessment.

How to create a custom test:

  • First log in as an employer
  • Then go to the dashboard section and click on the tests menu
  • Next, click on the tests menu, after that, click on create test button
  • Next, you will redirect to the form page just submit the form and your custom test will be created

Test Library

A test library is a collection of tests added by admin, where each test contains multiple questions their choices and each test have messages based on points range.

Test library gives you the ability to create a test for different test categories and keep the set of tests for your assessment or public test.

If you have already a set of tests then the employer does not worry about creating a manual test, he just needs to select the test and assign it to his candidate. Using a test library, it saves the time for the employer to create tests manually.
Test library is used in the case when creating an assessment. Using this feature employers do not worry about of question set because in the test library the set of questions is already defined.

An employer can add multiple test libraries in your assessment and assign to his candidates.

Invite Candidates

Candidates are either jobseekers of the job board or an email id of people shortlisted by employers.

How to invite candidates?
Here are some steps to invite a candidate:

  • First, create an assessment
  • Next, after creating an assessment employer will redirect to the assessment list page
  • Under the assessment list page, there is the link with the name invite to click on the assessment title, employer will redirect to the invite page
  • So, fill the invite form with the candidate name and candidate email and submit the form
  • After the form submission, the invitation link would be sent to the candidate Job Board Software provides the best Online Interview Software. By using online interview software, company can easily add tests, video interviews and assessment, making the recruitment process more comprehensive and effective.

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Online Assessment Software

Candidate Assessment is vital for ensuring that your employees are productive and efficient. By automating the assessment process, you can take the guesswork out of performance management and the hiring process. Online assessment software improves communication and collaboration and also leads to better quality of recruitment.

The benefits of using Online Assessment Software:

Online assessment software makes it easy to create and administer assessments

As a business, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about creating and administering assessments. Online assessment software takes care of this for you, freeing up your time to focus on other things. Not only that, but by automating the recruitment process, you can be sure that all your assessments are consistent and conform to company standards.

Online assessment software can be used to assess a variety of skills and knowledge

One of the great things about online assessment software is that it can be used to assess a variety of skills and knowledge of a candidate. Whether you’re looking to assess customer service skills, technical ability, or anything in between, online assessment software can help.

This flexibility is a major advantage over traditional assessment methods, which are often limited to multiple-choice questions and written responses. With online assessment software, you can create custom assessments tailored to your specific needs.

Online assessment software is cost-effective

Another big benefit of online assessment software is that it’s cost-effective. When you compare the cost of online assessment software to the cost of traditional assessment methods, it’s clear that online assessment software is the better value.

Online assessment software is more affordable, but it’s also more efficient. By automating the candidate assessment process, you can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on manual tasks.

It can be used to create and administer online training programs

One of the lesser-known benefits of online assessment software is that it can be used to create and administer online training programs. By incorporating assessments into your training program, you can ensure that your employees are getting the most out of the training.
This improves employee productivity, but it can also lead to increased sales and profitability. The top reason businesses fail is that they don’t invest in employee training. By using online assessment software, you can avoid this pitfall and make sure that your employees are always up-to-date on the latest skills and knowledge.

Online assessment software provides data-driven insights

Data is the lifeblood of any business. Without data, it’s impossible to make informed decisions about your business. Online assessment software provides you with data-driven insights that can help you improve your business.

From identifying areas of improvement to tracking employee progress, online assessment software provides the information you need to make informed decisions about your business.

Follow the results of your web-based employee training

When you use online assessment software, you can easily follow the results of your web-based employee training programs. First, however, you need to be aware of every step of the way your employees are progressing. In this way, you can see what is working and what needs to be changed.
This is one of the best advantages of using online assessment software since you can track your employees’ progress in real-time.

Make better hiring decisions:

Last but not least, online assessment software can help you make better hiring decisions. By using assessments, you can identify the candidates who are best suited for the job.

Features of online assessment software

The features you need in online assessment software will depend on your specific needs. However, there are some essential features that all online assessment software should have.
Here are the essential features of online assessment software:

Question library

A question library is a database of questions in MCQ format that you can use to create your assessments. This is a valuable feature because it allows you to create assessments quickly and easily.

Template builder

A template builder is a tool that allows you to create custom assessment templates. This is a valuable feature because it allows you to tailor your assessments to your specific needs.

Assessment editor

The assessment editor is the tool that you use to create and edit your assessments. This is a vital feature because it allows you to customize your assessments to meet your specific needs

Video Interview

It allows an interviewer and interviewee to connect remotely, avoiding the need for a physical meeting. Video Interview also makes it easy to view live interviews, as well as share them with others.


Reporting is a valuable feature because it allows you to track the results of your assessments. This is a valuable feature because it allows you to identify areas of improvement and track employee and recruitment progress.

How to choose the right online assessment software for your business:

Consider your specific needs

The first step in choosing the right online assessment software is considering your specific needs. What features do you need? What type of assessment do you want to create?

Every business will have different needs, so it’s important to consider your specific needs before choosing assessment software.

Compare features

Once you’ve considered your specific needs, you can compare features. Make sure to compare the features of each software side-by-side. You want to do your homework here because you want to ensure you’re getting the best software for your needs.

It’s also crucial that you don’t buy something that has too many features. You want to make sure the software you choose has the features you need and nothing more.


Price is always a consideration when choosing any software. However, it’s important to consider price in relation to features and value.
You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. To do this, you need to compare the price of each software side-by-side.

Read reviews

Finally, you should read online reviews of the software you’re considering. This is a valuable step because it allows you to get an unbiased opinion of the software.


There’s nothing more important than being able to track employee performance and save time. With online assessment software, businesses can do both.

You’re not only using online assessment software to protect your business, but it also helps the employees grow in their careers. You’re giving them the ability to assess their skills and improve upon them.

All businesses can benefit from online assessment software in a number of ways. Online assessment software can help small businesses save time and money. Job Board Software has a candidate assessment module that will help organise and store employee data. Additionally, the software can help you create reports that will help you track employee performance.

Assessing employees helps businesses in more ways than one. It’s a cost-effective way to keep track of employee performance and ensure that everyone is meeting the standards you’ve set.

Those standards will determine whether or not a business is successful. So if you’re looking for a way to help your business succeed, online assessment software is the answer.

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Online Interview Software

Online interview software’s have recently gained popularity. This can be attributed to the ease of conducting tests, assessments and video streamlining the interview process. They have been beneficial in simplifying the hiring process.

When it comes to job applications, it’s more convenient to evaluate applicants online than manually. In addition, the emergence of online interview software has made it easier to make better hiring decisions.

How Does It Compare to In-Person Interviews?

Face-to-face interviews have been the way to go for as long as there have been resumes to write. But is this the most effective way to evaluate an applicant?

Depending on the interviewer, and any referrals, you can bring biases into an interview. It’s also difficult to judge a person based on their list of accomplishments and formal settings make it hard to get a good read on an applicant’s personality.

However, when you use online interview software, you get an unbiased view of prospective employees and their compatibility with the position you want to be filled.

How Does the Software Work?

There are several pre-employment testing software’s available nowadays. Though each has a different system and approach, the concept is the same.

You create an assessment for applicants to fill out, share that assessment through job postings, and evaluate applicants based on the results. If you’re looking at particular software, find its product tour page to find a walkthrough before starting to use its services.

There are 5 main modules of Online Test Software:

  • Tests
  • Assessments
  • Video
  • Employer/Candidate
  • Admin Panel

You start by constructing the tests and assessment that you want to present to applicants. Then, depending on the software you’re using, it will give you a test library to choose from.

For example, do you want an employee with technical skills? Most software has question templates that test for skill levels in certain areas. You can also look for templates that assess soft skills handy for your open position.

The best part about creating your hiring assessments is that you can make the questions surface-level or in-depth, depending on what you’re looking for.

Once your assessment is set up, testing software makes it easy to share it with interested applicants. Share it to a job post, or email it to individual prospects to get people started filling out your test.

Now that your applicants are filling out your assessment, you can analyze the data. Most software systems show your applicants’ results in real-time and give you statistics for their responses.

For example, you can see how long it took each applicant to answer a question and how those responses fit the benchmarks you were looking for. And if there are candidates that stand out to you, you can go in-depth on their responses to get to know them better.

Discuss who the best candidate is with other team members, and contact them for an interview. When you use online assessment software, you efficiently narrow down your applicant pool to the people who are the best fit for the job.

The Benefits of Online Interview Software

As we’ve said before, you get real-time statistical results from your applicants. You don’t need to prod your memory for distinguishing features when they’re all laid out for you in a cohesive manner. From this standpoint, online assessment software gives you a clear overview of each candidate that makes them easier to compare.

Something that this software can test better than an interview is on-the-job skills. If there’s a particular skill that you’re looking for in a candidate, you can create a question that tests that skill.

And if no applicant is proficient in that skill set, you can see your applicants’ aptitude for certain skills and see if they need more training than others. The same can be said for a candidate’s soft skills since this software can also access these responses.

You can test better in an interview is your applicant’s personality compatible with the job profile. Aside from testing for certain skill sets and soft skills, you can create questions that get at a candidate’s personality and evaluate those responses.

Since your candidates are in a more comfortable environment and given more time to think, they can give you genuine responses that get at what their core personality is.

The bottom line is that assessment software can help you streamline your hiring process by giving you data to work with. As a result, you eliminate the guesswork from the hiring process and give your applicants a dynamic way to engage with you and your company.

How Can You Prevent Cheating?

One strike against assessment software is the applicant’s ability to cheat during an assessment. It’s safe to assume that people are more than capable of navigating a computer with multiple windows and tabs at this point.

So how can you prevent cheating during your assessments?
You can choose to turn on your applicant’s webcam while they’re taking the assessment, to see if they’re remaining engaged with the questions on the screen. You can also keep track of how much time each applicant’s cursor remains in the same window as the assessment they’re taking, or whether they switch to other tabs while the assessment is active. Also you check the location and IP address.

Some software includes a feature that tells you whether the assessment stayed in a full-sized window, or if it was shrunk at any point.

If you’re tired of digging through paperwork through applications and want a more engaging method of evaluating prospective employees, we highly encourage you to try online interview software from

It’s a fresh way of looking at your applicants and having them engage with your company or business. You’re sure to find it easier to utilize than in-person interviews. is the best online interview software available and is the right one for you is essential to fulfill your employment needs.

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Online Interview Software

All-in-one Recruitment solution that combines Video Interviewing,
Online Assessment and Test Software

Online Interview Software

A new way to hire and manage talent

More than 500 of the world’s best organizations use our job board software

Online Interview

  • Helps you find the best candidates for your job openings
  • Assess candidates in a way that’s predictive of performance
  • Create and manage tests from anywhere
Online Interview Software

Online Interview Software

Video Interview

Video interviewing helps you find, screen, and hire the best talent for your company

  • Get a sense of candidate’s personality
  • Watch candidate live in action and get to know them better
  • Save time and money on traditional hiring methods

Online Assessment

Simple user interface that makes it easy to create and design your questions in minutes

  • Eliminate bias by providing a platform for everyone to be heard
  • lets you create tests quickly and easily, without any coding skills
  • You can also use pre-built templates to make things even easier
Online Interview Software

Online Interview Software

Online Test

Online test software that allows you to create and administer tests, quizzes, and MCQ’s

  • Display Test scores on the screen for employers to see
  • Conduct Test anywhere at anytime
  • Accessible from any device, mobile friendly

Pre Recorded Video Interview

Conduct Video interviews without the hassle of in-person meetings

  • Get insights into candidates’ personalities and skills
  • Interview candidates remotely
  • Record a video resume and store it for future reference
Online Interview Software

Benefits of Online Interview Software

Quicker Hiring Process

Save time by cutting out the interview process and get straight to hiring with our video interviewing software.

Less Interviews, More Candidates

We help you save time by conducting more interviews in less time with our video interviewing software.

Hire with confidence

We make it easy for you to identify qualified candidates by providing insights into their skills, experience, and personality. Recruitment software can help recruiters streamline processes, save time, and improve productivity.
It can help recruiters find candidates faster, more easily manage the hiring process, conduct via interviews and manage candidate relationships.

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