Online Interview Software

Online interview software’s have recently gained popularity. This can be attributed to the ease of conducting tests, assessments and video streamlining the interview process. They have been beneficial in simplifying the hiring process.

When it comes to job applications, it’s more convenient to evaluate applicants online than manually. In addition, the emergence of online interview software has made it easier to make better hiring decisions.

How Does It Compare to In-Person Interviews?

Face-to-face interviews have been the way to go for as long as there have been resumes to write. But is this the most effective way to evaluate an applicant?

Depending on the interviewer, and any referrals, you can bring biases into an interview. It’s also difficult to judge a person based on their list of accomplishments and formal settings make it hard to get a good read on an applicant’s personality.

However, when you use online interview software, you get an unbiased view of prospective employees and their compatibility with the position you want to be filled.

How Does the Software Work?

There are several pre-employment testing software’s available nowadays. Though each has a different system and approach, the concept is the same.

You create an assessment for applicants to fill out, share that assessment through job postings, and evaluate applicants based on the results. If you’re looking at particular software, find its product tour page to find a walkthrough before starting to use its services.

There are 5 main modules of Online Test Software:

  • Tests
  • Assessments
  • Video
  • Employer/Candidate
  • Admin Panel

You start by constructing the tests and assessment that you want to present to applicants. Then, depending on the software you’re using, it will give you a test library to choose from.

For example, do you want an employee with technical skills? Most software has question templates that test for skill levels in certain areas. You can also look for templates that assess soft skills handy for your open position.

The best part about creating your hiring assessments is that you can make the questions surface-level or in-depth, depending on what you’re looking for.

Once your assessment is set up, testing software makes it easy to share it with interested applicants. Share it to a job post, or email it to individual prospects to get people started filling out your test.

Now that your applicants are filling out your assessment, you can analyze the data. Most software systems show your applicants’ results in real-time and give you statistics for their responses.

For example, you can see how long it took each applicant to answer a question and how those responses fit the benchmarks you were looking for. And if there are candidates that stand out to you, you can go in-depth on their responses to get to know them better.

Discuss who the best candidate is with other team members, and contact them for an interview. When you use online assessment software, you efficiently narrow down your applicant pool to the people who are the best fit for the job.

The Benefits of Online Interview Software

As we’ve said before, you get real-time statistical results from your applicants. You don’t need to prod your memory for distinguishing features when they’re all laid out for you in a cohesive manner. From this standpoint, online assessment software gives you a clear overview of each candidate that makes them easier to compare.

Something that this software can test better than an interview is on-the-job skills. If there’s a particular skill that you’re looking for in a candidate, you can create a question that tests that skill.

And if no applicant is proficient in that skill set, you can see your applicants’ aptitude for certain skills and see if they need more training than others. The same can be said for a candidate’s soft skills since this software can also access these responses.

You can test better in an interview is your applicant’s personality compatible with the job profile. Aside from testing for certain skill sets and soft skills, you can create questions that get at a candidate’s personality and evaluate those responses.

Since your candidates are in a more comfortable environment and given more time to think, they can give you genuine responses that get at what their core personality is.

The bottom line is that assessment software can help you streamline your hiring process by giving you data to work with. As a result, you eliminate the guesswork from the hiring process and give your applicants a dynamic way to engage with you and your company.

How Can You Prevent Cheating?

One strike against assessment software is the applicant’s ability to cheat during an assessment. It’s safe to assume that people are more than capable of navigating a computer with multiple windows and tabs at this point.

So how can you prevent cheating during your assessments?
You can choose to turn on your applicant’s webcam while they’re taking the assessment, to see if they’re remaining engaged with the questions on the screen. You can also keep track of how much time each applicant’s cursor remains in the same window as the assessment they’re taking, or whether they switch to other tabs while the assessment is active. Also you check the location and IP address.

Some software includes a feature that tells you whether the assessment stayed in a full-sized window, or if it was shrunk at any point.

If you’re tired of digging through paperwork through applications and want a more engaging method of evaluating prospective employees, we highly encourage you to try online interview software from

It’s a fresh way of looking at your applicants and having them engage with your company or business. You’re sure to find it easier to utilize than in-person interviews. is the best online interview software available and is the right one for you is essential to fulfill your employment needs.

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