Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking Software tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting, resume application through to offer acceptance and hiring. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and placement consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated.

From easy to use online application forms to easy to search resume database, applicant tracking Software can handle your entire candidate tracking. Many big companies with complex recruitment requirements have implemented Applicant Tracking Software to streamline the entire recruitment cycle. – applicant tracking Software has multiple modules, customized to meet your needs, and offer many benefits to the users.

Advantages of using applicant tracking Software for recruiters:

Minimize time-to-hire
With significant amount of time saving with the real-time features, the time to hire can reduce drastically. The requirements are posted in real-time; job applications and resumes are processed and added to the database as soon as they are submitted; candidates are matched immediately and automated emails are sent to short-listed candidate. All this happens in real-time and is much faster than the manual process. Without the application, recruiters spent days in screening and sourcing the resumes only.

Reduce hiring costs
Each stage of recruitment cycle comes with a cost. There are costs involved in advertising the job opening, managing the job website, doing email campaign to send emails to the selected candidates, managing a big team of in-house recruiters, and administration of all the recruitment tasks. This application cuts down all these costs as it automates the entire process.

Corporate professionalism
With increased efficiency and quality of the hiring process, the impact on the candidates is much better. You can project a better image of your company and show that you value proficiency.

Hiring better candidates
Since the applicant tracking Software matches even minute details in the requirements and applicants’ details; it picks and hot lists only those candidates who meet the requirements most suitably. This ensures that you get only the best-fit employees and increases the chances of employee retention.

Frees up time for HR recruiters
The application takes away all the time-consuming tasks that recruiters have to perform in an organization, thereby enabling them to concentrate on other critical strategic initiatives. They can spend more time in planning interviews, conducting offline recruitment events, and more.

Easier access to applicant details
The Software captures all the candidate details and maintains historical records too so that you can check the background, referrals, requests and resumes whenever you want. It also eliminates information duplication.

Advantages of using applicant tracking Software for job seekers:

Job seekers can also benefit through this application in many ways. The application makes it easier for them to apply for any job.

  • Once they upload their resumes, they can apply with a single click.
  • They can also have different versions of their CVs and covering letters.
  • They can track job openings that suit their experience and qualifications and find jobs with multiple search criteria.
  • They will immediately get an acknowledgement email after they submit.
  • Job seekers can also forward job openings to their friends and colleagues.

There are many other features in this application that are useful for job seekers.

Reduce Time-to-hire And Recruitment costs with – Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System automates the online job application and resume tracking process
It simplifies reviewing, responding to resumes and selecting the best applicant for the job

Applicant Tracking System  

Using Applicant Tracking System, Employer can:

  • Track the applicant
  • Automate the selection process
  • Inform the Job Seeker about his Status
  • Generate Report about Applicants
  • Know the selection status of the particular Job Seeker
  • Check the applicant profile
  • Compare two Resumes
  • Check Resume Match vs Job
  • Rate the Job Seeker selection rounds
  • Do the Screening, Interview and Final selection

The entire Applicant Tracking Process is as follows:

Applicant Tracking System

Employer Control Panel
Login Employer control panel
Click the active jobs link in the employer control panel
Applicant Tracking System

List of Active Jobs
Check the menu buttons appearing in the right of the page
Click – View applications menu button, new page will open – List of applicants
Applicant Tracking System

View Applications
Complete details of applicant are displayed:

– Applicant id
– Candidate name
– Applied
– Round/Status
– Rating
– Action

In applicant tracking process, Jobseeker is given an auto-generated Applicant ID when they apply for Job
Jobseekers are displayed as an applicant on the respective Employer Control panel under the List of Jobs section
Employer can manage the applicant tracking system with Applicant ID
On this page Applicant Id is the auto generated ID and Round/Status are for the Status of Jobseeker Rounds taken for the selections process
By default one circle is appearing on this page, which means that jobseeker is on the initial state and he hasn’t gone through any selection process
There is one more circle image ( view-application-icon ) is appearing in the Round/Status section which shows that the applicant is new
Now select the particular applicant by selecting the action image of the particular applicant
Applicant Tracking System

View Resume
Check the particular applicant profile by clicking – View Resume
Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Edit Selection Round
As per the applicant interaction with employer choose and edit:

– Screening Round
– Telephone Round
– Interview Round
– Skill check Round
– Background check Round
– Reference check Round

Select the applicant on clicking action button of the particular applicant Click on change status button Page appears as Applicant Status and update

Applicant Status:

– Click Change Status button
– Page appears as Applicant Status
– Choose the Set Status and click the update button
– There are five options in the drop down list , Named as


– Process
– Completed (Waiting)
– Completed (Rejected)
– Completed (Select)

After selecting process and clicking on update button, Page appears as Applicant Status which shows that:

– Round is Screening
– Pre-status is new
– Current Status is process
– Inserted is the date on which the record is inserted

Applicant Tracking System

View Selection History
View the past interaction with applicant as per interaction
Applicant Tracking System

Select Candidate
If the employer finds the Candidate suitable, click and select applicant
Change the applicant status as selected directly by clicking the green button ( ) in which bulb is appearing
Applicant Tracking System

Contact Candidate
In case of any clarification or feed back submit the contact form
Applicant Tracking System

Add Comment
Add comments in resume, which will be visible only to employer
Applicant Tracking System

Rate Applicant

– Rate the applicant by clicking the rate button
– Applicant Rating page appears
– Now rate the applicant for further selection process
– After choosing the Rate point from the drop down list, Click the rate button

Applicant Tracking System

Delete Applicant
Delete the applicant from – List of Applicants, if he is unsuitable for the job
Applicant Tracking System

Resume Match Detail
Check the Applicant Vs Job compatibility
It ranks the applicant using – Location, Industry, Experience, Job Type as Job criteria
Applicant Tracking System

View Current Status
View and Change the status of the status of the applicant
View Applicant details by:

– All Applicants
– Screening Round
– Telephone Round
– Interview Round
– Skill check Round
– Background check Round
– Reference check Round

Based on interaction with applicant – edit selection round, rate candidate, contact, add comment, delete or Select Candidate
Applicant Tracking System

Search Applicants
Search Applicants by First Name, Last Name, email address, Selection Round or Applicant ID
Applicant Tracking System

List of Selected applicants
View list of selected cadidates

Also send offer letter and create an Excel Report
Applicant Tracking System

Send Offer Letter
Send offer letter to selected candidates
Applicant Tracking System

Candidate Status
Update whether Candidate has joined or declined the job
Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking Software generates various Reports that can give a dashboard of applicant status to employers
like – Applicant pipeline, Screening Round, Telephone Round, Interview Round, Skill check Round, Background check Round, Reference check Round, Selected, Joined, Declined etc
It also gives Round wise reports like New, In Process, Rejected, Approved and Applicant Round/Status Report, Date wise Applied Applicants
Applicant Tracking System

Round Wise Reports
Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Round/Status Reports
Applicant Tracking System

Date Wise Applied Applicants
Icon meaning:
Applicant Tracking System For new state
Applicant Tracking System Processing State
Applicant Tracking System Completed Status
Applicant Tracking System Final Status completed
Applicant Tracking System Applicant Selected
Applicant Tracking System Applicant Status Reset
Applicant Tracking System Status under process
Applicant Tracking System Status completed but waiting
Applicant Tracking System Status completed (selected)
Applicant Tracking System Status completed but rejected