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What is a Job Board?

A Job Board is a web application which offers employment opportunities to candidates. It allows companies to post jobs which can be viewed by jobseekers and they can also submit resume online.

Some of the popular Job Boards include –,,,,, etc.

Job Boards are also sometimes called Job sites, job portal, employment website or classifieds, recruitment site can be setup using a Job Board Software.

Company Recruitment site

Business model of a Job Board:
Job Board is generally free for jobseeker and companies pay fees to admin for posting jobs or to access resumes.

The major modules of a Job Board include:

Companies post open positions which candidates view and apply

Companies post jobs and receive applications from jobseekers

Jobseekers can view jobs, submit resume and apply for jobs

Admin manages the site and earns money from employers for posting jobs

Job boards also have an Applicant Tracking System to track candidates

Career Advice Articles
Blog and informative articles are posted to inform candidates about career

Types of Job Boards
Company Job boards

Several leading companies nowadays install a job posting and recruiting
application within their own website

General Job Boards
Jobs from all sectors and industries are posted in a general job board e.g.

Niche Job Boards
Jobs from a particular sector or industry are posted in a Niche job board

Job Apps
As more and more people shift to using Mobile phones, several Job Search
mobile apps have been launched

Social networking site can also provides job postings e.g.

Jobs across job boards and company sites are e.g.

Benefits of Job Board

  • A job board enables employers to publish job offers for a position to be filled. Thus searching jobs, jobseekers will not have to navigate through different websites in order to find a job
  • Job Board is a search engine dedicated for jobs so jobseekers can search for niche jobs
  • Job boards are valuable tools for recruiters and hiring managers aiming to grow business
  • From a candidate's perspective, a job board is an important tool for career advancement
  • From an employer's perspective, it's an advertising and publicity vehicle for attracting new talent

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