Backfill Jobs from to Job Board

Job boards are websites where employers post jobs for jobseekers to view and apply. is a Job board cum aggregator. It gathers jobs from job boards, career sites, staffing companies, classifieds other websites and consolidates it into a single searchable interface for job postings.

This consolidation of job listings eliminates the need for jobseekers to search jobs in multiple websites. It is basically a search engine like Google, but only for jobs.

Indeed was launched in November 2004 as a US based employment website. It is now a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. and is available in over 60 countries and 28 languages. It is the highest traffic job board in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month.
In addition to aggregating job listings from other sources, it has all the features of a job board like:

  • Search Jobs by job title, job type, job category, company, salary and location
  • Get email alerts to get notified about specific jobs
  • Upload Resume to easily apply to jobs
  • Companies can post jobs and search resumes
  • Track your application status
  • Use Indeed Mobile app to apply from mobile device
  • Research Companies and view reviews

It generates revenue by selling job posting and resume access features to companies and recruiters. Indeed search results include jobs that were posted directly by employers and those aggregated from various sources

Backfill jobs from job board software has an module to import jobs from It allows admin to import Indeed jobs in job board database and dynamically show jobs in search results.

Jobs from can be imported to the jobs board database using the import jobs module. is the best job board software and can be used to setup a custom job board
A job board helps companies hire the best talent and presents opportunity for jobseekers to get hired.

Steps to backfill jobs from

1. Signup for Publisher Key from , it is Free to use
2. Go to – admin – import jobs – new
3. Add the publisher key and details of jobs that you wish to backfill and click Insert
4. Click on – Fetch Now and all relevant jobs from Indeed are added in job board database

You can also schedule import of jobs automatically using cron . Backfilled jobs are shown in job board search result page also and are a part of job board. On click Apply Now button – it will go to job details.

Indeed is the leading job board in the world and more people worldwide find jobs on Indeed than on any other job board. Backfilling of jobs from Indeed by ejobsitesoftware provides substantial value addition to job board owners.


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