Why Recruiters should setup a Job Board

Recruitment is probably one of the most challenging activities for businesses today. Despite advancements in technology and the explosion of social media, finding the right person with the right skills at the right time is still highly competitive

How setting up a job board benefits recruiters:

Technology is changing and developing at an alarming pace and recruiters need to keep up to date with the latest tools to enable fast and efficient access to talent pools

Today job boards are no longer just about posting vacancies. They are search engineer optimized, social media integrated and mobile compatible.

There are many other benefits of setting up a job board using software experts such as ejobsitesoftware.com

Employer Branding & Marketing:

A customized job board can help an organisation build their brand and manage their recruitment campaign effectively and efficiently (ensuring
return on investment). Having an on-line presence and marketing the employer proposition will maximise candidate attraction

Talent Attraction

It’s still challenging to find the best candidates (skills, experiences, knowledge, motivational and cultural fit). Recruiters today need to attract, engage, regularly communicate, build relationships and manage pools of talent on-line. Therefore, it is essential recruiters select the best technology to support their clients challenging demands

Reduce Costs:

Recruitment can be one of the highest expenses for organisations. It’s not just the direct costs of recruitment (advertising costs or agency fees), there is the cost of an empty seat (particularly if it’s a revenue generating position) or the cost of training and development and the time it takes for the new joiner to get up to speed and to be fully productive

Save Time:

Recruitment can be an administrative burden and often a time consuming process – approving and managing vacancies and tracking and acknowledging
candidates. Having a customized job board will enable recruiters to set up automated processes, emails, send out job alerts and send out a variety of other notifications


Organisations rely on big data (management information MI) to make important business decisions. Therefore, having internet tools that gather accurate information, are able to automate the production of reports and that add real value, is of great benefit to the recruiter and their clients.