What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software or hiring software is a tool that handles the candidate selection process in a company.

It automates the recruitment process of the human resources department in a company. Instead of hiring the employees in a company using manual process, recruitment software uses the online platform.

Recruitment software also helps the candidates who are seeking for a job. They can post their resumes directly on the company website and apply for jobs online.

There are several benefits of recruitment software as it reduces paper work, it more efficient and automates the hiring process.

Recruitment software can handle all candidate information with a well-managed database and filters. It can do resume search and contact candidates for interview and shortlist them and do the final selection.

Recruitment software also has an applicant tracking system that helps recruiters manage the entire process of searching and selecting personnel, from the creation and publication of job offers to the final selection of the candidate. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated.

Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace

There are various options for recruitment software available e.g Cloud, SaaS, hosted, online download, Desktop version.

There are several advantages of the recruitment software and a company should choose it after considering various factors like budget, features, hosted or local, number of recruiters/candidates/jobs etc.

Recruiters should look for the features the software a recruitment software company is providing and analyze if it to check whether it can fulfil the needs of the company or not.

www.ejobsitesoftware.com Recruitment Software enable clients to improve the effectiveness of their talent acquisition programs, increase H.R productivity, decrease costs and improve management decision making based on analyzing and summarizing key HR metrics associated with the hiring process.

Implementation of www.ejobsitesoftware.com online Recruitment Software will help company to:

  • Automate entire hiring processes
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis of recruiting lifecycle
  • Entire application & database hosted at your server
  • Attract, acquire and deploy better-qualified applicants
  • Integrate diversity goals and compliance into the hiring process
  • Improve productivity throughout the H.R department
  • Strengthen corporate image by fostering a positive candidate experience
  • Reduce time to hire by proactively integrating passive candidates into
    the talent pool
  • Implement a continuous improvement process
  • Track, control and reduce overall hiring costs

Recruitment Software will help company automate, accelerate and manage the entire recruiting and hiring process, from creating and posting job requisitions, screening candidates through completing the hire and archiving the data online.

www.ejobsitesoftware.com is the best Recruitment Software and has been used by several companies, recruiters, placement companies worldwide to automate their recruitment process.

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