What is a Job Board?

Job Boards are helpful for both the employer and employees. Employers are always trying to find the right candidate for their company. They post an advertisement on job board and receive a good number of CVs.

There is no hassle to print the advertisements in multiple newspapers and sort out thousands of candidates manually. The details are organized in proper format for both the employer and the employees.

If you are a recruiter you will find the right candidate from a job board. And those looking for a job related to his or her field, can open an account in these job boards and get easily hired.

What is a Job Board?

Job board is an online platform to display job openings. In a job board, a recruiter can publish a job post. There they can easily search for an eligible candidate. On the other hand, a job seeker can find relevant contact information about a company to apply for a job. Some organizations provide forms to be filled by the applicant directly.

Some of the renowned and popular job boards are Linkedin, Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

All of them promise to make your job searching experience free of hassles. On the other hand, the recruiters also find the job boards convenient to use to search for the right candidate.

A look into the features of the job boards will highlight the fact why more and more people have started using job boards rather than following traditional methods.

Recruitment Trends
Traditionally, a written test followed by an interview was enough to select a candidate. However, times have changed. The number of applicants for any job has increased manifold. As a result, the employers are coming up with new techniques and method to find out the right candidate without difficulties, but with precision. There are many IQ and aptitude tests. Now a candidate’s emotional intelligence is also measured. Such kinds of tests make the recruitment of candidates more reliable.

However, the use of job boards to post a job and the selection of a candidate is also a new concept for many. Earlier the recruitment was based on some personal references. But now a recruiter can see a candidate’s records and he can go through them and make a right selection.Thus, it has significantly reduced the work load of an HR manager.

Features of a Job Board

Budget friendly
Posting employment ads in newspapers cost more compared to putting up a job post on any job board. On the contrary, the job seekers also do not have to pay anything to apply for the jobs, for example buying newspapers on a regular basis.For him, job boards are completely free. But, for this, a candidate has to open his account on the job board.

Intuitive Interface
The interface of a job board is very intuitive. Most of the features have a drop-down feature. It makes applying for the job easier. The interface is designed in such a way that both the job seekers and the recruiters can obtain benefits from the site. Naturally, the ease of use of the job boards makes it more acceptable to both the groups.

The interface is such that most of the job boards can highlight the brands of a company. The users will see the top jobs featured separately. It also includes company reviews.

Build Network
Job boards can help you to build networks. For example, Linked In offers ample opportunities to build network with all the professionals. Keeping strong ties with others will prove beneficial to achieve your career goals.

Showcase yourself
In every job board you can display your experience, skills and education. You can also include other information, like nationality, sex, religion, mailing address, career objective, photo, certification, etc. On the other hand, in some platforms you can directly upload your CV and customize it according to your needs.

In almost all job boards, jobs are categorized in different sectors, namely health care, education, sales and so on. This type of categorization increases your reach as the number of organic search rises.

You can track the applicants. Job board is different from traditional recruitment options because you can check the updates frequently and keep a record of everything.

The renowned job boards are transparent. Usually there is no involvement of the third party. It establishes a direct link between the recruiter and the job seeker.

Both the recruiter and the job seeker can operate the job boards from their web browsers. Moreover, they can download the apps in their phones. It ensures the optimum use of the job boards. As a result, you can post or apply for a job from anywhere.

Usually, multiple filters are available to narrow down the search process and save your time. The filters can be based on location, job type, industry, deadline, etc to find your desired jobs.

Keywords Search
Most of the job boards are optimized for search. You just have to type a few keywords related to your field and the search will show you relevant results.

Typically, you can ask a question to the support team regarding any problem. The expert team is present 24X7 to provide you service and advice. You can contact them through email, live chat or phone calls.

Benefits of using Job Boards

Get instant notifications and job alerts.
You did not have to search through ads rather you will get notifications automatically when the advertise matches with your search criteria. Also, you will be notified through emails as well.

Create accounts in multiple job boards
Open your profile in more than one job boards. It broadens your job search efforts. You can check multiple job opportunities and can apply. We recommend you to compile the posts you are interested in and you should do it in one file. It will also save your time.

Advanced search options
The advanced search filters can narrow down your search. You can search by education, pay, experience levels, etc. You can check the job recommendations also which may produce similar results. In Indeed.com for example, you can browse jobs by state, category, title or even letter.

CV customization
When applying in different job boards you will see that you can customize your one CV to apply for different jobs. The job apply procedure becomes easy and less time consuming. A candidate can keep the CV up to date as well.

Follow resume writing tips
To stand out from hundreds of candidates, you need to have a solid resume. These job resume sites offer resume writing tips. To make your resume look professional, you can follow the tips and learn new things.

Scope of doing in-depth research
Looking for jobs by means of other platforms instead of job boards is time consuming. By using the job boards, you can get the chance to research for a job from one place. You can also get data about the most suitable opportunities.

View database about the candidates
The recruiters will be able to search and view candidate’s database. Again, from the job seeker’s side, all the information uploaded will be saved in the system. As a result, they don’t have to write or upload the same information again and again.

Compare Salaries
By consulting different job boards, you can compare your salaries and check what amount you should ask for during a case of pay rise and offer. It increases your power of negotiation.

Eye catching display of adverts
Advertisement display is optimized in banner style in job boards. In a newspaper, when you publish an advertisement for a job, it may not catch the attention of the job seeker because of other news. On the other hand, in case of job boards this possibility is simply nil. The reason is that different job boards carry only job advertisements and nothing else.

Connect and strengthen your professional network
You can organize events both online and offline. Besides, you can write articles, join groups, share photos and videos in platforms, like Linkedin.

Set privacy for the resume
In case of your resume, you have two options. You can make your resume public, so everyone will be able to see it. Instead, you can keep it private and restrict its views to only to the applied jobs.

Book mark your job
In Google, you can bookmark web pages to read later. Similarly, in different job boards, candidates will enjoy this advantage. So, before the deadline they might get a notification as well.

Career counseling services
If you are looking for a job after your graduation take the advantage of career counselling services provided by the job boards. Plenty of resources are available in them. Furthermore, you can check the job hunting tips to make your search more relevant. You can find out more about interview questions, tests, etc.

Job boards are making your life easy. Job searching process is smooth and automated now. Create an account in any job board and take a step forward towards building successful career. Or setup a Job Board using Job Board Software like ejobsitesoftware.com and automate your recruitment and hiring business.