What is a Job Board?

Job Board

Job Boards are online platforms used by Employers and Recruiters to employ new or experienced workers for any kinds of job vacancies in their organization.

Various well-known job board options are available online, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerJet, Ziprecruiter etc.

According to a Global Poll conducted by Gallup, “Over 85% of all people are unhappy with their jobs, and only a minute 15% of people are engaged to their work.”

Due to this enormous gap, many of the employees leave their jobs, and many of them leave them without even doing work for a long time. This increases the number of people looking for a new position better suited for them. Here these Job Boards come into play.

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Benefits of using job boards:

Real-Time Job Notifications
Whenever a new job gets posted on a job board that matches your search Criteria, you get notified in real-time via an email. It decreases all that hustle while going through many different websites to find a job that better suits your needs.

More Jobs to Choose From
Just by signing up for a Job board, you get the ability to choose a job from several job listings provided on the job board. The job board gathers these listings from various sources, so you don’t have to go through them all by yourself.

Tips for Resume Building
We all know how intimidating writing a resume can be, especially when you have to make a new resume every time for a different job. To make this easier for you, many job Boards offer you much handy to make that intimidating cv building experience a fun exercise.

Employers Come to You
All you have to do is post your resume on a job board, and the job board itself handles the rest. It shows your resume to all the potential employers accordingly to your preferences, and those employers invite you to apply.

Advanced Search Capabilities
The advanced search capabilities allow you to land a job that you might be interested in and make it much easier for you to land a job that better suits you according to your needs. Job Boards does all this based on your details and interests you provide. So you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

It helps with the Brand
Many job boards allow employers to craft their page into the website. This option enables their company to showcase its culture, aim, and vision with excellent storytelling to attract more potential candidates for their available vacancies who will better fit into their culture, thereby increasing its overall value.

Types of Job Boards

Niche Job boards are solely focused on one singular sector. It may be the health sector, commercial sector, Education sector, finance sector, etc. These job boards gather adverts for one specific type of job. Endorsement jobs qualify to be a perfect example for this type of job board. These job boards help employers and agents attract and select the right candidate fulfilling the given candidature. All this happens while eliminating the time in half.

Generalist Job boards, on the other are focused on a much broader area and thus operate in a broader context. These job boards let jobseekers search through a wide range of jobs provided by many leading and well-known industries accordingly to their relevant skill sets and qualifications.

Some famous sites like CareerBuilder and monster.com qualify as the perfect example for this type of job board. These job boards also tend to meet the needs of different variety of job seekers with lower or no qualifications, and those with no skills also get a massive advantage in these types of job boards. This type of job board is best for those people who are much more flexible with their career paths as they can easily switch between jobs as per their preference with much more ease.

While the Niche job boards are best for instant recruitment for most popular jobs but with a lower number of responses, on the other hand, generalist job boards tend to have much higher response rates in much less time.

Job Board Key Features

Streamlining the job-search process
Job boards make it easier for both job seekers and employers by streamlining the whole job-search process. By doing this, the job board saves the valuable time of both employers and job seekers.

As we already know that the job boards offer different criteria, which allow the centralization of data. With the help of this, it only showcases the critical skills and opportunities accordingly to each job seeker or employer out, thereby making it a much easier and simple process.

Connecting the gap between job seekers and recruiters
Job boards act as a bridge between both the job seekers and the recruiters by working as a bridge between the two and providing them with a common platform to interact with each other. This feature speeds up the recruitment process while also increasing the number of recruitments by double. Many Job Boards allow job seekers to upload their CVs and their contact details, which makes it much easier for their potential employers to contact them, thus increasing their chances of getting recruited in a much less time frame.

Access to all Vital Info on the Go
The biggest problem that a recruiter faces while selecting a candidate for a particular post is that the recruiter often doesn’t have all the vital information about the job seeker. This lack of info makes it hard for them to decide the credibility of that particular job seeker. Job boards solve this issue by providing the recruiters with all the vital information on the go while making it easier for both employers and employees in a much more innovative way.

Talent and Branding Support
Job boards support different types of brands to showcase their skills in a much easier and impactful way. This feature promotes the brand owners and encourages them to post more and more job opportunities that are relevant to their brand and thus increases the chances for potential future talent to apply for that particular job. This feature not only allows the recruiters to post more relevant jobs but also strengthens their profile and identity as a brand in the market that directly influences their business.

Job Board Vs. Aggregator
Often many times while researching about a job board, people tend to get confused and assume that job boards and Aggregators are one of the same, but this isn’t true.

As we have already discussed above, Job Boards are online platforms that act as a bridge between the recruiters and job seekers while providing both of them a platform on which both of them can rely. However, Job boards don’t search for job opportunities over the web. All it does is to show the job openings which the recruiters themselves have placed on that particular job board.

On the other hand, a job aggregator works as a search engine. It searches hundreds of different job posting sites and company career page to show the most promising jobs to the most qualified candidate in one list with all the information about including website details.

Recruiters and employers can benefit greatly from using a job board. Job boards can help recruiters by allowing them to post jobs and manage applications, as well as connecting with an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Jobseekers can post resumes, run custom searches, and read educational articles on their profession field in addition to seeing positions on a job board.

A Job Board Software such as ejobsitesoftware.com can be used to build up a Job Board with all of the features you need.

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