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Making an organization brand big is hard but getting the right people who align with the brand philosophy i.e. potential employees is the hardest job. This job is done by HR managers of the company who not only take the burden of hiring the perfect person but also take the load of managing the team. Role of an HR includes everything from hiring, firing, performance management, developing training programs, benefits administration and many more things.

HR managers lay the foundation stone of the company and it is very important that they stay productive. All these old school paper based, and cluttered day to day working routines make them unproductive. So, to reduce the hustle of HR department it is important to automate the daily routine and shift to HR Software.

From recruiting, onboarding, organising employee information and data driven reports to taking feedback, HR management software brilliantly automates the entire process.

The entire global human resource management industry is expected to touch $38.17 billion mark by 2027. Finding the right HR tools is pretty hard especially when there are thousands of them so we decided to create a complete HR Software guide for you so you can spend less time finding the tools you need and more time on the things you love doing.

Must have features of Human Resource tools?

We`ve already discussed how vital these Human Resource teams are for the growth of any organization. Each organization wants to be technologically superior to their rivals, so they spend hours finding the right tools to fit their needs. But before making any final call you need to look for these essential features which can help you achieve your targets.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding is the first and most important step of your team building journey. It is also the most chaotic part that`s why you should look for HR tools which can make this easy for you. Also note that the tool should provide an easy and organized recruitment experience to both employee as well as the HR team.

  • Performance Management

Performance Management is one of the important features which your HR tool must have in order to check the performance of your employees.89% HR professionals believe that regular performance management gives better results as compared to annual performance checks. Majority of the HR professionals conduct performance checks and give appraisals based on that. This feature lets you evaluate your employees for bonuses and compensation, asking them for skill advancement, giving them certifications, setting goals, tracking, reviewing and analyzing progress to gain more work efficiency.

  • Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is one of the most crucial features you should look in HR Software. Employee Engagement is a very important factor in building a successful business. According to a recent study, In the U.S alone low employee engagement costs businesses $450-$500 billion each year. Businesses with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable, increase productivity and reduces employee turnover.

  • Employee Feedback

Collecting frequent employee feedback and making changes boosts employee’s moral, bonding with the organization. According to a Deloitte research, employees give twice as much value to “culture” and “career growth” as compared to “benefits and compensation” while choosing an employer. Employees are most likely to stay longer with the company who listens and acts on the employee feedback.

  • Automated Calculations

You can reduce workload on your HR team by using HR software that automates features like tax computations, tabular data storage, integrated accounting module, field level arithmetic calculations and deadline adherence.

Top 10 HR Software

1. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the best HR software meant for small and medium scale enterprises (less than 1000 people). It is a cloud-based system and comes with a friendly UI which helps you to navigate easily. Some of the solid features which make Bamboo HR our first choice are integrated payroll, applicant tracking solution (ATS) for easy on boarding of employees, e-signatures, performance management, easy reporting, time-off tracking, interview scheduling, candidate tracking, assessments, etc. You can also effectively manage your employee information with its Human Resource Information System (HRIS Software).


  • Benefits, compensation, automated onboarding and employee management tools.
  • Modern yet convenient mobile app with friendly user interface (UI).
  • Latest tools for effectively measuring employee engagement.


  • Expensive than its rivals.
  • Lack of benefits administration tools as compared to its rivals.
2. ZOHO Recruit

ZOHO Recruit is a cloud-based system with a cutting-edge technology to streamline your hiring process. ZOHO Recruit is among the big players in HR software industry which has an average rating of 4.5/5 and is being used by some of the giant technology players to make their recruitment process effortless. Some of its top of the industry features include advanced search, automated recruitment and onboarding process, LinkedIn integration, etc. It is a customizable platform, so you can add any feature as per your requirements. The best part being it`s pocket friendliness costing $25per month.


  • It`s a customizable platform so you can add things as per your needs.
  • Reduce churn through continuous interaction with candidates.
  • Offers intelligent recruitment automation capabilities


  • Managing recruitment process is not possible through App.
  • Client and vendor portal access only available in the enterprise edition.
3. ADP

ADP is cutting-edge software which offers various HR management solutions including benefits, talent management, attain payroll, time and attendance management, analytics, benchmarking and many other essential tools. ADP covers every single feature which you might need to effectively run your organization. Deep insights and amazing UI/UX of the software boosts your productivity.


  • High UI/UX of the software.
  • Software can be used by companies of all sizes.
  • Onboarding, Employee tracking and benefits management are inbuilt.
  • 360-degree feedback


  • High pricing ($63 per month per employee) as compared to its rivals.
4. Zenefits

It is affordable HR software which is bundled with all necessary features which you might need as an organization. It includes features like easy hiring and onboarding, effective PTO tracking, time-off tracking and many more. It is perfect set of tools at an affordable price which can help you to grow your business and simultaneously creating a more work friendly, productive space for your employees.


  • Easy hiring and onboarding process.
  • Features like employee management and time-off tracking are added.
  • Highly pocket friendly.


  • You cannot control all admin tasks from mobile app.
5. Gusto HR

Gusto HR is appreciated by some of the industry giants for its easy to use interface. Impressively it`s User Interface is designed in such a way that anyone who is new to payroll setup, reporting tools can easily use it. Entrepreneurs, small businesses may find it highly usable as it lets you easily calculate and document your payroll charges. It seamlessly and automatically syncs everything, be it time tracking, benefit plans, new contracts you need not to worry.


  • Amazing UI/UX of the system.
  • Highly customizable reports.
  • Gusto HR automates everything.
  • Easy to use nature sets it apart from its competitors.


  • There are some slow spots, weak dashboard.
6. Rippling HR

Rippling HR is another solution for you which has almost all the features that it`s competitors have but it comes with an added advantage of 400+ app integration support. This gives access to you to check your entire employee’s data from across these platforms to a single place. With its customizable reports and graphs functionality, you can audit and generate reports as per your requirements like app usage, finance, turnover, etc. You can also use its mobile app to check information while on the run.


  • 400+ apps integration support let` s you check all data in a single place.
  • Automated recruitment feature.
  • You can easily customize graphs and reports.
  • Exclusive training material for learning of tool use.


  • Lack of standard plan feature.
  • Lack of free trail.
7. Namely

Namely is best for small to medium scale companies looking for HR based software. We have already covered multiple HR systems before but Namely raise the game level by throwing its in house developed HR tool that not only supports small businesses but also serves the purpose of mid-sized companies. You can enjoy quick payroll and benefits management with Namely. With its intuitive and user-friendly UI, you can easily navigate anything. With plenty of customization options and an eye-catching price, namely just smokes its rivals out of the game.


  • 360-degree feedback with benefits and compensation management.
  • Impressive User Interface (UI) with rich functionality.
  • Best bundle pack for Small-Medium sized businesses.


  • Costly option for large companies.
  • Compensation tool lacks in salary changes after making performance reviews.
8. People

People is mainly focused on small and medium sized companies. People`s HR administration software solution is built specializes in providing insights through graphic reports, guiding users through HR process, and engaging users through high-impact tasks. It comes with features like intuitive design, workforce management, 360-degree feedback, applicant tracking, human resource and many more features that help aspiring HR professionals to play more important roles for their organization.


  • 360-degree feedback.
  • Custom reporting with learning management.
  • Easy Onboarding and offboarding.
  • Custom employee roles.
  • Multiple plans to opt from.


  • It is not meant for large companies.
9. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is another all in one HR Software which provides a wide variety of automated processes for the recruitment process. It is best for medium-large scale companies who want to get a deep insight of applicant tracking. It has found that it helps in improving the rate of placement of candidates by up to 43% while making the whole process smoother and more Optimized than ever. Its Predictive intelligence provides intelligent insights into the candidate’s activity while providing some other useful features like mass mailing and SMS too.
Bullhorn has four pricing packages, Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Price for this software starts at $99/month.


  • Automated Applicant tracking and Recruiting.
  • Wide variety of plans for medium-large companies.
  • Closed-loop VMS, LinkedIn Recruiter integration is available.
  • Provide solutions for automated intermediate and secondary solutions.
  • Google Chrome extension allows to easily adding candidate information without leaving the job board.


  • Option to export resumes in Word format not available.
  • Lack of accountability.
  • It takes a long time to load and analyze resumes in the system.
  • It is not suitable for small companies.
10. Cake HR

Cake HR is the newest member in HR software industry but despite this, it has managed to gain some success. With its user friendly interface, smooth and enjoyable navigation, it has managed to pull off some early success. Cake HR includes features like 360-degree feedback, automated employee scheduling, applicant tracking, calendar management, HR analytics, employee life cycle management and many more handy features.


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Fast and secure system.
  • Plenty of useful features.
  • Cake HR has got an average rating of 9/10 in surveys.
  • It is the most secure HR software available right now.


  • New members might encounter some difficulties in navigating recruitment module.
  • Some users had trouble in logging in due to its extra security features.
  • Right now, it has limited capability of analytics module and mobile reporting.

In case you want to setup software for only for recruitment and hiring, then you can use – Job Board Software . The major features include Job Postings, Job Search, Resume Database and applicant tracking system. The job board software has many flexible features that allow customizations based on client requirements.


HR software not only reduces the workload but also increases the productivity of both HR team as well as employees. In this time where you have thousands of software`s available out in the market, it`s hard to decide which will come handy for the growth of your organization.
After reading this guide you now all what things you need to keep in mind while choosing a HR software and if you don`t have that much time, you can opt anyone from these – Top 10 HR software.

We have made this guide with lot of efforts and if you found this helpful you can appreciate us by sharing this guide with your colleagues and friends.


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