Skyrocketing growth of Job Boards

Online job sites are certainly growing faster than traditional print media and we will see even further growth in near future. Rapid penetration of internet is contributing to a growth spurt in online Job Board and why not: the world is shifting to the online mode of communication and so is job search. Millions of candidates throng popular Job Board every day to view thousands of new jobs posted by employers – big or small. The boom in the job market has given rise to the boom in the jobs search market as well. Job Board are offering a platform where recruiters and job-seekers can collaborate in a simple way.

Job board Theme

This article identifies the reasons why Job Board are gaining tremendous popularity.

Convenience for all

Freshers, graduates, experienced people can all search for jobs anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. All they need is a net connection. The Job Board offer advanced search capabilities that make searching jobs even easier. There are general sites that offer job postings in all domains, while there are niche job boards where only a certain category of jobs are posted – for instance for BPO and related jobs; IT for IT-related jobs, and so on. Recruiters also find it easier to login and simply post requirements; which are made live as soon as they are posted.

Lower cost for candidates as well as the advertiser

Newspaper advertising is beyond the scope of small businesses. Also, the ad is displayed for a day and then it goes into the dust-bin. On a Job Board a recruiter can keep the ad till the job openings are filled at a fraction of the cost. Some websites even offer free postings. As for the candidate, it’s all free. Candidates can click their way to more information, visit the corporate website and apply with their pre-made resume.

Faster time-to-recruit

Online job posting and job search has made the recruitment time hundred times faster. Employer can post a job opening whenever required; candidates can apply anytime and the recruiter can schedule an interview immediately. Recruiters can search for appropriate candidates from thousands of resumes posted on the site and contact the selected few directly through email or phone. This was never possible with newspapers.

Tech-savvy candidates

The fact is that more and more people are coming online – the growth has been significant across the globe. Most people trust the web to search for every single thing, before making any decision. They would type the keyword in their favorite search engine and read all the details and reviews before they proceed. Such people will surely log on whenever they are looking for a new job (or not.)

A range of add-on features

Technology has enabled the use of new features on Job Board. These include things like multiple resumes, one click job application, video resumes, blogs and forums, advanced search options, job filters, and much more. These features make the experience more wholesome for the recruiters as well as job-seekers.

Job Board have opened the way for two-way communication between the candidate and the employer and there’s no stopping.