Simple steps to make more money out of your Job Board

If you have hosted a jobsite and you are now achieving consistent volume of traffic, you can start making supplemental income through your site. Apart from charging the recruiters and employers for job posting and resume search you can earn more through Google ads, PPC, banner ads, RSS, affiliate sales, selling text links, etc. You can let other people advertise on your site and slowly fill your kitty. This article throws light on how you can do it.

1: Optimize your site and promote it
This is a very critical step for the success of your website and its attractiveness for potential advertisers. If your website is optimized for the search engines, it will generate more traffic and that would translate into more money, so try all online and offline promotion techniques to build a consistent traffic pipeline.

2: Offer advertising space for banner and text ads
Create prominent places where others can advertise and place dummy ads there to entice visitors for advertising on your site. This could be linked to the advertising rates for your site. You can charge advertisers based on impressions, clicks or timeframe.

3: Shell-out some space for Google AdSense and other site-targeted and PPC ads
Google AdSense can be accommodated in any amount of space, anywhere on your site. You can earn based on number of impressions or clicks. You can select the categories of ads that you would want in your site.
List of prominent Pay per click (PPC) companies:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • MIVA
  • Enhance
  • GoClick
  • MSN AdCenter
  • 7Search
  • Search123
  • SearchFeed
  • ABCSearch

4: Promote affiliate products
Promote the products that are relevant to the theme of your website. Signup for affiliate programs offered by different websites and add their product details on your website. For instance a jobsite can do affiliate marketing for job-related books and CDs, instructional guides, training material, etc.

5: Offer RSS feed based advertising links
If you have a substantial base of RSS feed subscribers, you can sell advertising links in the feeds. Advertisers can give text links and text ads in your content that will go to your group of subscribers.

6: Sell contextual text links
In this type of advertising, advertisers can pick keywords or key phrases in your site that are directly linked to their own site. There could be a mouse-hover pop-up too for the selected keywords. Again, you can earn based on impressions or clicks.

7: Get relevant sponsors
In a jobsite you can ask big employer companies to sponsor webpages on your site. You can give dedicated space or showcase the sponsored companies with their logos on the home page.

8: Sell ad space in other communication
A jobsite also sends out a lot of other communication to job-seekers and employers. These could be confirmation emails, marketing emails, newsletters, job alerts, suitable candidate alerts, invoices, etc. Advertising space could be sold in this real estate too.

You can use a combination of various methods or select one that meets your website’s design and development goals. But remember not to go over the board by having too many ads on your site as they can irritate a visitor. Relevancy should be kept in mind. If right ads appear at the right places, you will get more benefit because there will be greater number of click-throughs.

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