Recruitment Marketplace Software

Recruitment Marketplace connects a company with recruiters and candidates online.

Recruitment Marketplace Software by Job Board Software is an online recruitment platform which enables a company to engage with multiple Recruiting agencies to fill job requirements by getting access to a large pool of candidates.

How Recruitment Marketplace Software Works:

Step 1: Post a job

Register as a company by entering name, email and company profile. Subsequently post jobs which are displayed on the job board for recruiters to view

Step 2: Set Your Placement Fee

Select a fee to match your budget. You have full control over the fees as a % of the annual salary. Pay Placement fees only upon a successful placement

Step 3: Submit candidate for jobs

Recruiter registers to access jobs posted by companies Search for jobs by keyword, location, fee, etc. If a candidate is hired, recruiter gets paid

Step 4: Company receives Resumes

View response of job from network of Recruiters. Go through the response and list of Resumes received from marketplace

Step 5: Interview and Hire

The marketplace pre-qualifies and presents you only with the best candidates to interview. You can track and manage the entire recruitment processes using built-in Applicant Tracking System and select the candidate


Recruiter Dashboard
Employer Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
List of Jobs

Benefits of Recruitment Marketplace Software

  • Marketplace of Recruitment Agencies
    It allows Employers and Recruitment firms to engage with each other to acquire hire talent faster
  • Employers
    Easily track and manage applicants and hire the best candidates from employer control panel
  • Recruiters
    Receive leads, Job Orders, submit candidates discuss requirements with the customer and collect fees from recruiter control panel
  • Candidates
    Interact with only the best candidates to interview who have already been pre-screened
  • Reduce cost to hire
    It costs less than hiring traditional recruitment agencies
  • Reduce Time to Hire
    Helps companies fill their vacancies quickly, resulting in faster hiring
  • Large pool of Candidates
    Reach out to a greater pool of recruiters and candidates
  • Built-in ATS
    Track and Manage end to end recruitment with built-in Applicant Tracking System
  • Hire Passive Candidates
    Identify, reach out and source the candidates for an open position who are passively looking or in many cases might not even be looking for a change
  • Increase recruitment efficiency
    Post your jobs to several recruiters in real time
  • Analytics
    Real time insights on recruiters, employers, agents, open jobs and commission
  • Transparent Fees
    There is single contract and agreed fees so there is transparency throughout the entire process
  • Existing Recruiters
    Companies can add existing Recruiters on the recruitment marketplace and manage them with ease
  • Notifications
    Email notification when new job/recruiter/employer is added and email is sent
  • Admin panel
    Admin control panel to manage all activities related to employers, recruiters, agents and jobs
  • Messaging
    Complete online interaction between employer and recruiter

Recruitment Marketplace Software from allows you to manage the whole recruitment process online.
Companies can source, engage and hire the best talent on a single platform. They can post jobs in Recruitment Marketplace and leverage network of recruiters to search for the best candidate

Recruitment Marketplace Software by Job Board Software allows companies to attract, select and hire the best people in the shortest possible time.

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