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Online Recruitment Software

Today Internet is the world’s largest recruiting platform. Jobseekers, employers, staffing companies have embraced this medium in large
numbers. Thus there is huge growth of online recruitment with more and more people applying for jobs online.

Online Recruitment software can be setup to automate the hiring process. Companies can post jobs online in their own website and jobseekers can apply for the jobs. Subsequently the Recruitment staff can shortlist and hire the candidates online.

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Recruitment provides the best Online Recruitment Software that has the most features to enable a company to completely automate the recruitment process. It also provides free annual webhosting so that companies can install the software online immediately and without any extra hosting charges.

Benefits of Online Recruitment Software

1. Using online recruitment software or Job Board Software the entire paper work of processing candidates can be eliminated thereby improving efficiency, time-to-hire and reducing costs.

2. It can help in finding the right people with the right set of skills – very quickly. It also enables employers, recruiters; placement, staffing, and HR Staff can stay in touch with jobseekers and manage the flow of resumes.

3. Online recruitment enables jobseekers full access and control of their personal information, qualifications, work experience and skills. They decide to apply for the job category, position and company of choice. Thus it allows them to build a long-term relationship with potential recruiters.

4. Using online recruitment; key tasks in the traditional hiring process can be automated. Subsequently the HR staff can focus on the more value added processes in the recruitment workflow.

The growth in online recruiting is driving the demand for more effective approaches to managing processes related to resumes and applicant
tracking. In particular, the recognition for better software has opened avenues for new breed of Web based job posting, resume management
and applicant workflow applications. offers an online recruitment solution for Corporations, Staffing Agencies that can organize and streamline the
processes of identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining talent.

It is an online application using which employers, consultants; placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly and effectively. It aims to provide value to employers and jobseekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs.

Pl. check the online demo of our open source online recruitment software and get back to us in case of any clarifications.