Niche Job Board

How to Start your Niche Job Board Website

A Job Board brings employers and job seekers on a common platform. It is a good idea to setup a Job Board, especially for those in the recruitment sector, as online hiring is growing rapidly. Job Board Software enables you to create a niche job board site for your placement agency, Recruitment Company or organization.
It can also integrate a recruitment module into existing website.

You can also use it as recruitment website to bring your clients, employees, applicants and management on the same network. Provide dynamic
collaboration and information sharing across your company with features like applicant tracking, job posting, blogs, job fairs, internal mail box etc

This checklist below outlines all the steps that you need to take to get started with setting up a Job Board. These steps will help guide you create and promote your online niche job board.

Six Tips for creating your own Job Board site:

1.Do Basic Research

  • Identify the niche, business or category and get a domain name
  • Allocate a separate budget for web development and marketing
  • Make member/income projections and plan a revenue model
  • Tie-up with companies

2. Design

  • Prepare the design guideline for developing homepage e.g. text, logo, benchmark homepage design, color combinations, layout examples etc.
  • Try a few different themes to see which one looks best. Check out JobBoard Themes

3. List of Features

  • Go through the online demo of various job board software
  • Compile a list of features required
  • Focus on a niche

4. Web Hosting and Installation

  • Install the Job Board on a good web server
  • Send the web host information or avail of our free web-hosting offer by making DNS changes in your domain control panel.
  • All of the server setup and maintenance is taken care by
  • Subsequently test your job board thoroughly

5. Content

  • Add companies
  • Post Jobs
  • Prepare all the static content for homepage and respective internal pages e.g. about us, company information, contact us etc.
  • Also prepare content for community more vibrant like articles, blogs, videos, links etc.
  • Add basic policy pages like Privacy, Cookies and TOS statements

6. Marketing and SEO

  • After you launch your job board, you need to promote it
  • Add your site in Google analytics and webmaster tools
  • You can improve your job board’s visibility by adding the good number of jobs that will be indexed by search engines
  • Promote your job board in all of the appropriate spaces like forums and directories
  • Promote your site on social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc
  • Use Google Trends to see what business categories are trending

Make sure you launch your job board using a good Job Board Software as quickly as possible and focus on generating sales. You can always make changes in design and code later also. Your goal is to make sales, so don’t get
obsessed over details

A Job Board bring people together. With your own look and feel, and choice of strategy open new doors to revenue and recruitment business.

Pl. contact us, if you want to setup a niche job board