How to set up a Job Board?

Setting up an online job board offers several benefits to a company. Whether you are a staffing company, recruiter or want to setup a career site, a Job Board ensures that you are able to automate the entire hiring process online. There are many web based solutions and software that offer job listing software. The main frameworks that you can use for setting up a job board are:


There are several software vendors providing Job Board Software, Job Board Script, and Applicant tracking software for recruiters and staffing agencies. Using any of them, a company can setup an advanced online job board or career site Pre built software is the best way to setup a job board. You can customize the homepage theme and software forms as per your job category or location, after consulting with the vendor. There is an extensive list of job board software providers that you can check from Software Directories like –,, etc Also you can check Software Reviews sites like, which will help you determine which software is best for your business


SaaS applications are sometimes called Cloud, Web based software or on-demand software
They charge based on monthly fees and can be setup immediately after payment of hosted software
There are several disadvantages of using a SAAS business model for setting up a job board

Since they put several restrictions such as the number of users using the application they can eventually turn out to be more expensive in the long term

As your business grows and you need to add more users your monthly subscription will continue to rise
Also there are sever limitation on customizing your job board homepage and forms


A job board can be setup using a job board WordPress theme and plugin. There are several good free and paid job board plugins available like .

It is good for recruitment companies, job boards and any small size company that usually have few open job listing. The admin can manage job listings from the WordPress admin panel and make changes in text from theme

But there is a huge risk for site to get spammed after it becomes popular, also the membership based options are quite limited in WordPress
There are several pros and cons of setting up a job board using the above options and the best option is to choose a job board software vendor with prior experience. has designed and developed over 300 job boards for clients based worldwide

There are many benefits of setting up a job board using a trusted vendor like ejobsitesoftware.
Its Job Board Software offers built-in:
SEO tools that gets site ranked at the top in major search engines
Mobile site and provides source code for both Android and iPhone App
Applicant Tracking System automates the online job application and resume tracking process

Job board software, has the most advanced features like advance resume search, resume alert, Applicant Tracking System, Contact Management that results in better hiring for companies. It also has advance job search, job alert, premium membership that results in better response for job seeker.

Its project management team supports job board installation and setup in every way.
From initial analysis of your business requirements through to final delivery, the team will work with you to ensure that we provide you with the perfect solution. for setting up a custom job board.