Five steps to become a successful recruiter

The recruitment field is becoming more demanding than ever before. With greater number of jobs, comes the challenge of greater and better recruitments. More openings to fill faster, sourcing the most suitable candidates, analyzing their skills, and convincing the best ones to join a company are the tasks of a recruiter. Recruiters are the voice of the company and therefore, it is important that they learn the techniques to become great recruiters. Here are some steps that a recruiter can follow to become more successful:

1. Increase your business knowledge

Before anything else, you should brush-up the basics, i.e., the facts about the company and its offerings. Many recruiters turn-off the candidates because they are unable to highlight what the company does. Read about your company’s background its values and growth plans, its competition, details of each and every service, and the basics of the related technologies. Do not hesitate to ask the management so that you can understand all the details. This knowledge gives recruiters a sense of confidence while speaking to candidates and therefore, adds to their convincing power.

2. Understand the job requirements properly

Insist on getting a proper job description and job requirements from the team heads. Tell them that this is the most important aspect of sourcing the right candidate. You might send-off a good candidate if you are unable to project the job details properly. This will also help you while searching for candidates in databases. A good job description contains the following:

  • The designation and the level, along with the reporting structure
  • A brief overview of the job
  • Details of day-to-day activities
  • Key performance metrics
  • Ideal candidate profile, qualifications and experience
  • Soft skills and technical skills required
  • Remuneration and perks
  • Learning opportunities
  • Growth prospects

Personalize the job description while sending out introductory emails.

3. Source and screen the right candidates from the right places

Build your own process for sourcing candidates. You can get the right people from your past network, job portals, internal database, trade journals, directories, conference registrations, associations, newsletters, online user groups, news groups, web portals, or forums. You might also ask for referrals. Screen each and every resume to find the best-fit. Present fewer candidates on open requisitions and be certain the ones you do present are magnificent candidates who clearly fit the position profile.

4. Enhance your interview and assessment skills

The worst thing that a recruiter can do is to fumble and sound like he doesn’t know much about the company or the job when the candidate asks any question. If you have done your homework correctly, the next step is to ask the right questions to assess the candidates. You may ask the manager for the appropriate questions and expected answers. Learning body language and expressions might help too.

5. Convince the best candidates to join the company

Build a list of reasons why your company is great to work for. Why should a candidate pick your company as compared to the others offering the same job? Beware: Do not lie as it might lead to dissatisfaction later. Also, do not wait for candidates to ask you these questions; be proactive and talk about all these things yourself.

Once you have convinced the candidate, personally follow-up every detail till joining and beyond. This will help you in creating your own network.