Features of Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software is a tool that automates the hiring process of a company and can be utilized by the HR department to post jobs and recruit candidates online.

Recruitment software has several in-built features to make hiring easy and it is a must have software for any company.

Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace

Some of the features of recruitment software are:

1. Applicant Tracking System
The purpose of applicant tracking is to automate the selection processes. A company receive thousands of applications for each new job offer and, to do it efficiently, need to make use of applicant tracking feature.

Applicant tracking helps the company to select a skilled candidate efficiently by analyzing the qualifications of the candidates.

Another feature is that of resume search, based on the use of keywords. It should match the needs of the job offered. Keywords include – location, age, qualification, education, skills, experience etc of the applicant

2. Automation of repetitive tasks
Recruitment software automates the hiring process and saves time. The software can extract the candidate's details from the site collecting the data required by recruiters.

Automation for filtering the candidates according to the required criteria of experience, age, education and so on can be done.

Also, the specific schedule for an interview can be automated using the recruitment software. The staffing software can have an applicant tracking system so that the process of hiring can be tracked by the company.

3. Analytics dashboard
Using the analytics dashboard present in the hiring software, the company can easily view the flow of data in the recruitment process.

The candidate's applied the ratio of applied to hired candidates; salary details and so on can be studied. Business improvement can also be done studying analytics of recruitment software. Understanding the cost to hire scenario benefits the company to achieve its goals.

4. Cloud/SaaS based
Recruitment software can be cloud-based or downloadable software. In cloud option the database in hosted online or in cloud where all the recruiters of the company can login and view the data.

In an implementation of SaaS (Software as a service) which is a part of cloud computing for the software to run completely on the browser itself without the requirement of installation of recruitment software in each machine. SaaS- based recruitment software can help the company to reduce cost, manage the resources and in faster implementation of software deployment.

5. User-friendly interface
A good UI of the recruitment software attracts people from using the software. Front end shows information about the company and list of jobs with apply now option.

Backend interface needs to be able to be customized with drag and drop features, graph of the analytical data, automatic backup etc. It can show list of jobs, candidate’s applied, applicant status etc

6. Managed communication via email
Recruitment software manages the communication with the job seekers via email. After the sorting of data of the candidates, it can contact them through email.

Various template based emails can be set up for contacting them. If the candidate is selected for the next phase, he/she is contacted automatically by mentioning the schedule. Email personalization is achieved by the use of recruitment software.

7. Jobseekers Features
Jobseekers can search jobs by Country, Location, Category, keywords, location, job category, and experience, recently posted like today, one week and Zip code

Jobseeker can submit resume online and update profile at any time. They can also view list of jobs applied for. Jobseekers can also get Automated Job Application Response Mail from Employer regarding Interview and selection.

8. Employer Features
Employers can use Applicant Tracking to track, qualify and rate the hiring status of candidates. They can send Interview Request Search resumes by location, categories, company, location, experience and keywords

They can add Applicant Screening to jobs i.e. Ability to create questions to job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a job

9. Admin Control Panel
Recruitment software administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all dropdown lists and list boxes throughout the site i.e.: Location, Search Categories, Languages, Citizenship, Salary range, Experience etc.

Admin can View reports on Jobseeker new accounts, number of newsletters sent out by Job Seekers and Employers, job click throughs, site statistics on total visitors, unique visitors, page views, hits, page referrals and more

Recruitment Software helps companies to attract shortlist and hire productive workforce. Hiring talented staff is a very time consuming and complex process.

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