Evolution of e-recruitment

E-recruitment: also referred as internet recruitment or online recruitment, is the use of the internet for attracting, hiring and retaining job seekers. As the number of people searching online for jobs increases, companies are taking advantage of e-recruiting software to manage the entire recruitment process and reduce recruitment-related costs.

What started as simple online posting of jobs on corporate websites has not become a complex affair with multitude of features and capabilities. But, e-recruitment has only benefits to offer for both – job-seekers and recruiters. It is a highly advanced, fast, and convenient version of traditional recruiting processes. It has almost replaced newspaper recruitment ads, as most employers see better results through e-recruiting channels. Print job ads offered only one way communications, i.e., people can see the ads and reply; while e-recruitment offers two way communications, where companies can contact suitable candidates and vice versa.

Advantages of using e-recruitment for employers and recruitment agencies:

In today’s time when attrition rates are higher and there’s a constant need to ramp-up resources for various new projects; recruiters have to source the right candidates faster – and what is more convenient than doing it from their workstation. The entire recruitment process can be executed online. This involves:

  • Posting jobs in real-time and managing already posted jobs
  • Searching and matching candidates in resume databases
  • Validating candidate’s skills and qualifications
  • Sending auto-response emails
  • Communicating with the candidate till closure
  • Corporate brand building
  • Scheduling meetings, archiving information, and keeping historical activity records, and much more

In other words, e-recruitment applications enable companies to keep complete track of job openings and fill them faster. Using e-recruitment significantly reduces time-to-fill and makes the workforce more productive as they have all the ammunition for effective recruitment in their hands. Many corporates are successfully using hi-end e-recruitment applications and reaping its benefits.

Advantages of using e-recruitment for job-seekers:

E-recruitment has made the job-search scene much easier than ever before. Job-seekers can just log on to view thousands of job openings across the world, without going anywhere (the good old newspaper has only hundreds of openings that come once a week.) The best feature for candidates is the advanced search option. They can look for relevant jobs based on domain, experience, location, type, and a lot more. Another important advantage is that they can save and edit different versions of their resumes by simply filling in the questions and then apply for any job with a single click without the need for posting the resume again. They may also take advantage of other add-on features like resume builder, resume posting to HR consultants, video resume building, automated job alerts, and so on.

Advantages of building an e-recruitment site for webmasters:

Webmaster can earn a lot of profits if they create a powerful e-recruitment site and market it well. Market for general recruiting is already captured by some big players like naukri.com and monster.com, so it is a good idea to make a niche job board targeted only to a certain section of the job market – for instance IT jobs, BPO jobs, Healthcare jobs, Finance jobs, Media Jobs, etc. By marketing the website to the right target audience webmasters can build a steady stream of relevant traffic that will help them in slowly building their database of resumes. Once the process is created, it will sustain itself with regular maintenance.