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Essential Features in a Job Board Software

Job Board provides a platform for employers to post jobs and jobseekers to apply for them. A Job Board can be setup using a Job Board Software. It is very important to use job board software that is robust and has all the features necessary to setup a good and useful job board.

Below is a list of some of the features that the admin, employer and the jobseeker should have in job Board software:

Open source
Use an open source job board software so that the company can make any changes in software and design in future

Company Recruitment site

Job Search
The primary feature of a job board is to enable viewers and registered users to search jobs. Job seekers should be able to search jobs by location, qualification, categories, and keywords. Also the jobs should have posting dates corresponding to them

Job Search Agent
They should also be able to set up Jobs Search Agent. The Agent searches jobs daily and any new jobs found are reported to the job seeker via email and inbox entry. The jobseekers should be able to subscribe to job agents based on specific job category. When the jobseekers have selected a job, it should be easy for you to apply for it

Easy layout and navigation
The job board is a direct reflection of your business. The home page needs to create a good first impression on the customer. To do so, it should load quickly; clearly explain the purpose of the site and speed customers toward their goals. Making your site user-friendly for viewers, posting clear terms and conditions, providing the right information, and implementing easy registration, job search and employer control panel and other procedures

Order Processing and Merchant Account Services
Integrating your Job Board with your inventory database, passing orders on to suppliers, accepting credit cards, and having a contact number for orders through your Job Board

Employer features
The job board must provide the registered employers with a detailed control panel. That must include ability to add, edit and delete jobs from their accounts, option of including their company profile, Calendar Schedule for fixing meetings, add screeners to filter jobseekers and the ability to print their resumes. There should also be an ability to view photographs of candidates in resumes

Admin Control Panel
The administrator of the site should have full control over global site configurations. Admin should be able to add and delete jobs, employers, clients, job seekers, and job categories. There should also be a provision for Activity Report, displaying that employer’s activity regarding job postings, resume views, inbox, and agent usage. Also the admin should be able to print full list of job seekers and employers in the database along with their contact information

Mobile Friendly
The Job Board must be responsive and work on all mobile devices. As more and more job search happens through mobile the job board must show jobs and let applicants apply for jobs via a mobile device

Search Engine Friendly
Nowadays most of the marketing happens via search engine optimization. So it is very important that the job board. Google is the largest search engine and the job board must be optimized for it by using job format in proper structured data provides the best job board software in the industry.
We will customize the package to your company’s corporate feel and identity. Every aspect of your job board can be tailored to meet your company’s objectives.

Pl. check the online demo of job board software and get back to us for any clarifications.