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With the help of recruitment technology, the job searching process has become fast, automated, and less troublesome. Employers are using various tools to maximize their hiring efforts. Job seekers are using different platforms to make the search process robust.
Job Boards are now widely used by companies and are able to bridge the gap between the job seeker and the employer.

Let us find out more about EjobsiteSoftware.com – Job Board Software and its features.

Overview of EjobsiteSoftware.com

EjobsiteSoftware.com is a powerful web-based application. It is built on Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) framework. The software allows anyone to create an advanced job board. The beneficiaries of EjobsiteSoftware.com are owners of a job board, career sites, recruiters, and staffing agencies. It can sort resumes and jobs as well as serve thousands of users.

EjobsiteSoftware.com assists career site companies to effectively achieve their objectives. Full customization is possible to meet the specific needs of a particular industry or location. EjobsiteSoftware.com offers tools to easily bring about a profitable job board business as well.

EjobsiteSoftware.com is a web development agency that deals with recruitment focused database-driven websites. They are experts in web design, content management, and programming and are providing solutions to web-based problems since 1999.

Features of EjobsiteSoftware.com

Build Job Boards

Employers can use extremely sophisticated control panel to build a dynamic Job Board. The Job Boards can be customized according to industry and location to address your needs and represent your brands.

Open-source platform

EjobsiteSoftware.com is an open-source platform. Anyone can have access to the information uploaded to the site.

Mobile Apps Source Code

A user can get mobile app source code for the web view version in the mobile app. A mobile app can be easily developed from the source code. On the other hand, he can register on the play store and download the code. EjobsiteSoftware.com can be used to build custom iPhone and Android mobile apps for any Job Board.

Applicant Tracking Software

EjobsiteSoftware.com has advanced in-built applicant-tracking software for employers. With the help of this feature, the hiring process becomes automatic. A recruiter can see all the online applications from one place in an organized manner. They can track the applicants as well. Candidates can be easily shortlisted. The screening process of the candidates takes less time. Besides, responding to the selected candidates also becomes easy.

Built-In Templates

There are 10 free themes available. They are different from each other. You have to select any one of them and make changes. Again, contact EjobsiteSoftware.com’s design team for more themes.

Custom Home Page Design

A recruiter or an agency can send details about home page design. Details may include the – website link, text changes, color combinations existing PSD, etc. for an exclusive home page design. Home pages are usually custom-designed.

Your Company Branding

EjobsiteSoftware.com offers flexibility in managing the registration and accounts of colleagues working in recruiting and functionality. As a result, companies can set up their profiles with their logo. A user of EjobsiteSoftware.com.com can maintain and see all job postings and advertisements. It empowers the brand in the long term.

Free Annual Hosting

EjobsiteSoftware.com offers free annual hosting. It enables the swift and easy installation of the Job Board with all the features in the setup. The key requirement is to point the DNS of your domain name to their server and soon the Job board will be ready to be launched. The web hosting servers are based in the USA. It is highly optimized for Job Board Software. The first year of hosting is free of cost.

Access to resume databases

They can maintain and access resume databases through the job boards. The job boards are designed in such a way that you can see all the resumes from one place.

Get Auto-responder emails

There is no chance to miss any updates. Notifications preferences can be set. Again, the recruiter can set auto-responder emails for the applicants. Confirmation emails can be scheduled and set with EjobsiteSoftware.com.

Ease of use

It is easy to set up the Job Board with EjobsiteSoftware.com. This software is highly user-friendly.

Payment options

There is no monthly payment.
Only one-time payment is applicable for any number of job seekers or employers. Transactions can be made through credit cards with PayPal, Stripe, and Bank Transfer.

Optimize job hunting

A job seeker can use a Job Board to search for jobs. He can see the details of different companies. It is a highly convenient tool to post resumes and at the same time get job offers.

Professional Support

User guides and updated manuals are available. Video tutorials on different topics are added.
Assistance will be given when making changes to the default Home Page template. In the first year, all the technical support is free.

Free Software Installation

There is no charge for software installation.
Price: EjobsiteSoftware.com charges only 600 US dollars. It includes all the services. Getting annual Webhosting and debugging is a bonus.

Benefits of using EjobsiteSoftware.com

Browsing Jobs

A candidate does not look for jobs randomly. They can search for jobs by location, category, and company. On the other hand, advanced job search options with keywords and experience are also possible. It is highly unlikely you will get the feature to look for jobs by filtering duration like one week or 30 days. Use US Zip codes to search for your desired jobs. Furthermore, a candidate can view jobs under one specific company. It is also an effective way to check the opportunities available.

Filter search results

Filtering jobs or companies can narrow down the search process. It makes the search more relevant and meaningful. Editing the search result is also possible.

Build customized Job Seeker Profile

A job seeker can quickly access the board by registering with a valid email and password. A new account will be created for him. In it, he will create his profile by adding information.

Add Cover Letter

Those who are searching for jobs can upload their CVs to the job board with photographs. They can also upload cover letters if required.

Job alerts

For new jobs, a job seeker can set preferences and alerts. The system will automatically send jobs that match user-specified criteria. He will get daily email updates. The selected candidate on the other hand can receive email from the employer regarding the interview as well. It means EjobsiteSoftware.com can be used in different stages of the job searching process.

Contact list

An employer can develop an organized database based on people and companies. This contact list can be a useful tool for the recruiting team to maintain communication.

Join Forum

Both the employer and the employee can join different kinds of forums to discuss career-related issues.

Control Panel for Job Seeker

There is a separate control panel for job seekers. In this panel, they can see the list of jobs to be applied for and save jobs for viewing later. It is interesting to note that a job seeker will be able to see the frequency of the employers who have viewed the resume.

Resume Management

EjobsiteSoftware.com is a tool to help job seekers manage their resumes. They can take the help of the step-by-step resume-building wizard. They can apply directly to the employer with a click. Besides, adding multiple resumes is also possible. Privacy settings of resumes can be changed. The resumes can be edited as many times as required. Adding multiple lists of skills, experience, language known and qualification makes the CV stand out.

Video Resume

Add a YouTube link to the resume and increase your chances to get selected.

View dates resume

A job seeker can track his or her resume by viewing the details, like resume Created On and the date of the last Update.

View Resume Statistics

A candidate can view the number of people who have viewed his CV with their details.

Sharing job details

It is possible to share job details with a friend or colleague. Use email to send the job details to a friend.

Premium Job Seeker

One can become a premium job seeker. It means chances of hiring will increase when a job seeker’s resume will be featured in the Search Resume section. The resume will get more visibility.

Make money passively

Earn money passively by charging members to list on your site. Posting ads or running your banner campaign is some other ways to earn money.

Job Board Software is dedicated to serving its clients with all the latest technologies and web solutions. It has already earned the trust of hundreds of users. Try EjobsiteSoftware.com and reduce the hassle of job searching and recruitment.

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