CV Bank

CV or Curriculum Vitae mentions personal details, job accomplishments, education, certifications, work experience etc
It is used by job seekers for applying to jobs.

Job seekers must fill in all relevant details in online CV so that they present themselves as more qualified and increase their chances of landing a job has a CV builder so that job seekers can submit all details like:

  • Objective
  • Target Job Title
  • Total Work Experience
  • List of References
  • Education Details
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Upload Resume in PDF or word
  • Personal Profile
  • Experience
  • Target Job job board software provides a CV Bank website that posts jobs supplied by employers and job seekers can submit CV information and apply for the jobs

Job seekers can submit their CV when they apply for a job.
Database in the job board can store unlimited CV’s and employers can do a CV search based on keyword’s, location, experience etc

add resume
view jobs

Pl. contact us for more details, in case you want to setup a CV bank or Job board