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Best Recruitment Software for Agencies

Recruitment refers to the process of hiring new employees for an organization.

Agencies, Headhunters, Search Firms or Placement Agencies is the term used for professions involved in the business of placing people in companies for a fee.

How Recruitment Process works:
There is always a constant demand for skilled professionals in companies. Search Firms generally get a job requisition from a client firm and subsequently they perform a search for applicants who match the job requirements.

The search is conducted via job board subscriptions, email folder, calls to an existing database of known candidates or list of people who may be a match. They get paid fees when candidates referred by them are selected by the company

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Online Recruitment Trends:
Internet has fundamentally changed how candidates look for jobs. It has also changed how companies hire employees. The entire process of hiring applicants from the point of initial contact, to interview and final selection is now being done online.

So Agencies have to provide their services online and add value to the online hiring process.

Recruitment Software for Agencies
Hiring talented staff is a very time consuming and complex process. A web based application that will automate the entire talent acquisition process – of finding, attracting and hiring the right people at the right time from anywhere in the world should be used by all agencies. is a best provider of online Recruitment Software for agencies

It helps agencies to attract shortlist and hire productive workforce for companies. has been delivering software professional services for the Recruitment Software since its inception in 2001. It is our mission to consistently deliver advanced Recruitment solutions at an outstanding value to our clients.

Our Recruitment Software application is based on our over five years of experience in working with recruitment companies, employers, job seekers and online job publishers.

Through our software developers & management teams combined experience we have developed a Recruitment Software is tailored-made to overcome the challenge of recruiting the right people quickly and at a reasonable cost.

An agency’s ability to achieve and grow their unique, competitive advantage is directly related to its ability to attract & hire the best employees. Recruitment Software solution enable clients to improve the effectiveness of their talent acquisition programs, increase H.R productivity, decrease costs and improve management decision making based on analyzing and summarizing key HR metrics associated with the hiring process.

Implementation of online Recruitment Software will help agencies:

  • Automate entire hiring process using built in Applicant tracking Software
  • Store and search database of Jobseekers based on Job category, location, experience etc
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis of recruiting lifecycle
  • Entire application hosted at local server or on online company webhost
  • Attract, acquire and deploy better-qualified applicants
  • Integrate diversity goals and compliance into the hiring process
  • Improve productivity throughout the H.R department
  • Strengthen corporate image by fostering a positive candidate experience
  • Reduce time to hire by proactively integrating passive candidates into the talent pool
  • Implement a continuous improvement in recruitment process
  • Track, control and reduce overall hiring stage and costs

The Recruitment Software interface or homepage can be configured to meet your existing company site guidelines, with no additional charges. The entire Recruitment Software project can be completed in a day if all approvals (homepage & resume) are given at the earliest.

Our Recruitment Software has been developed to meet the unique challenges of all-size Recruitment Agencies.

Subsequent to implementation there are no monthly payments. The software is uploaded in your Linux server and all data is secure. There is an only one-time fee per server / company for the hosted software for any number of H.R staff, resumes or jobseekers. It also includes setup, hosting and training support required by the customer.

We have a long track record of innovative online software development with a focus on advanced web application development.

Customers count on us for complete Recruitment solutions, including Internet consulting, SEO development, Recruitment Software solutions, recruiting software, Web application development and e-commerce development.

Our client list includes some of the biggest names in the HR, financial, retail, recruiting and placement companies across the world. They count on us to deliver their projects according to their specifications, budget and deadline.

No shortcuts or problems. Simply dependable and scalable solutions our clients can count on for years to come, no matter how their businesses change or grow.

Recruitment Agencies can count on us to exceed your expectations by delivering unbeatable value and innovative Recruitment software solutions.

Our products and services are backed by rapid development and deployment and prompt customer service and support.

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