What is Job Wrapping

This software provides you to ability to importing jobs for your job board from different sites such as (linked jobs, job bank jobs etc).

How to fetch Jobs

For fetching the jobs user should have an account first then logged as an user.
Job Wrap Login

After login, you will redirect to the dashboard page. Where you will find some menu such as: dashboard, sites, reports and setting.

Next, click on sites menu and click on any of x, y jobs dropdown menu for fetching the jobs. In this software you can fetch the jobs from some individual sites. In future more sites will be added soon. But at present some limited site is added for the fetching and grapping the jobs.

Next, click on menus you will get the list of the jobs. For fetching the new jobs click on the import jobs button.

Next, after clicking on the import jobs button you will get the form so fill and submit the form.

Export Jobs

For exporting the jobs you’ve to just click on export button and the CSV file will be downloaded on your system.
There is the two new export one is Ejobsite Export and Export:

  • The Ejobsite Export button is used for exporting the CSV file for ejobsitesoftware. Where in csv file the needed column is added for exporting.
  • And the second one is Export button which is common means all header columns with their respective data the file exported.

Import jobs using CSV files

You can import jobs using CSV file as well. For importing the CSV file just click on the Import Jobs using csv menu button and you will redirect to the form.

Fill the form and upload the csv file.

Note: For importing the csv file, there must be heading mentioned such as: job_title, job_city, job_short_descritpition, job_description, job_company, job_type. Do not use any other heading it will be not uploaded.


In this section user can see the number of jobs for each sites have and total jobs in their app. To get the reports section just click on Reports menu.