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Open source licenses grant licensees the right to copy, modify and redistribute source code. There is a trend these days of software
development companies providing open source software. Wherein the owners can download the software, receive full source code and they can
modify the code as per their choice.

There are several versions of – Open Source license. Like Apache License, GNU General Public License, MIT License etc. The software developer can release the software under any of the license and also decide to upload it on open source project repository sites like

Benefits of using open source software

  • Open source licensing doesn’t have any copyright restrictions
  • Source code is available for users to modify as per their requirement
  • It saves time of a software development team to turn a prototype into a working application
  • It has Lower implementation costs as there are fewer people required to work on it

However open source software does not mean it is free software. Also a company will need skilled software developers to use, modify and install the software.

Job Board websites are becoming an ideal option for Recruiters to target jobseekers without huge initial investments.

If you are going to start your own online Job Board, it's very important to choose a reliable Job Board platform that will provide necessary features to run a successful Job Board. is a powerful Open Source Job Board Software designed to suit specific requirements of Recruiters. Job Board Software is also sold under liberal license terms. Where in the buyer gets full source code and they can modify any text, code or design as per their choice.

Also people can contribute; they can make a theme or join the core development of the job board software.

Take a look in job board software source code –
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Some other Open Source options for setting up of a Job Board include:
WordPress is one of the most popular Open Source Software. It is especially popular with Job Board Developers as many Job Board WordPress Themes and Plugins being sold by web development companies.

JobberBase is an open-source job board platform, written in PHP and MySQL.

JoobsBox is a flexible software for job boards with a plugins and themes system ready for your needs.

OPJobBoard the open-source job board software that helps you set up your own jobsite in minutes

However visiting their sites gives an impression that they are not properly supported. So people are advised to use them at their own discretion as their job board may get compromised after installation.

Job Board Software from which also has a built-in Applicant Tracking Software is a good alternate for those looking for stable Open source job board software. It is a win-win situation to use open

source software as the buyers get access to full software source code and they can make any changes in future and companies get a community of loyal customer evangelists. provides the best Open Source Job Board Software. And PHP developers can run the software offline using any WAMP server like XAMPP and make any changes offline. They can also make change in design, forms or code online and use it as a Staffing Software Open Source Job Board software delivers the features you need to build and grow a unique Job Board from the start.

It is easy to deploy, provides enhanced security and is packed with additional integrated capabilities for Recruitment Companies to accelerate sales.

Pl. check the online demo of Job Board Software –