Online Recruitment Platform

Online Recruitment: also referred to as Internet recruiting, web recruitment and e-recruitment, is the use of the Internet for attracting, hiring and retaining job seekers.

Online Recruitment is growing faster than traditional print media and that won't change. Rapid penetration of Internet is contributing to a growth spurt to online job sites and use of Recruitment Software.

Online Recruitment Platform automates the online job application and resume tracking process, including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

This involves matching candidates and validating their skills and qualifications. As the number of people searching online for jobs increases, companies are taking advantage of Online Recruitment Platforms to manage the entire recruitment process and reduce recruiting-related costs.

Modules in Online Recruitment Platform
Gathering job requirements, auto-posting to website, qualifying job applicants, processing resumes, matching candidates, hiring manager portal and more. Some of the features include:

Requisition Management

  • Store requisitions and track candidates to a requisition.
  • Allow a recruiter to be assigned to a requisition and track recruiting activity, costs, as well as time to fill by requisition.
  • Creates web ready postings and enables recruiters to post, update and remove/archive positions in real time to multiple locations
    internally and externally.
  • Meshes seamlessly with your web site to allow candidates to view full job descriptions, company information, and apply on line for
    multiple positions.

Resume Processing and Candidate Self-Service

  • Processes and stores various formats of resumes including Word, WordPerfect, Text, PDF, RTF. Records receipt of resume and source
    of resume.
  • Provides immediate feedback to candidate submissions, requests and referrals.
  • Allows candidates to complete applications on-line or build a resume, save and update their saved or submitted applications/resumes.
  • Enables candidates to attach documents, cover letters and resumes to their on-line submitted applications.
  • Can receive and process resumes in other languages.
  • Has Email a Friend functionality so that a candidate can inform his or her friends of job opportunities posted in your career section.

Candidate Tracking

  • Track all facets of hiring information, correspondence and documentation to a candidate file. Has an area to record notes such
    as emails, phone conversations, letters sent, etc, with ability to include details or the specific information provided to the candidate.
  • Reduces paper intensive efforts in the application process and contact from prospective candidates.
  • Allows recruiters or administrators to attach other documents to a file in the database at will and can be used as a Staffing Software
Company Recruitment site


  • Provides recruiters with the ability to search resumes, applications, tracking notes, and other information.
  • Allows key word and Boolean searching of resumes, defined fields and other documentation or notes saved on the file.

Internal and External Correspondence

  • Generates an auto acknowledgement response upon receipt of resume or application.
  • Allows for creation and sending of standard response letters or emails to candidates.
  • Records type and details of correspondence in tracking notes of the candidate file.
  • Has the ability to utilize and integrate customized input form

Reporting and Data Extraction

  • Tracks information and allows for generation of ad-hoc reports for Number of jobseekers, Employers, Jobs, Status of Requisitions, Cycle Time, Recruiting Costs per Requisition, and other Recruiting reports.
  • Will allow for extraction of data into a standard format such as Excel or in order to interface with external systems

Applicant Tracking Software

  • ATS buit-in the recruitment platform, that helps staffing agencies and recruiters to track applicants and manage resumes online


  • Responsive site with built in Android and iPhone App that makesrecruitment platform work on all mobile devices

SEO Friendly
The Recruitment Software must be Search engine friendly and must index in Google. Jobs will easily rank for top keywords and increase organic traffic

We put the emphasis on ease of use so that you can be up and running with less than one day of training. It has its own Content Management system so you can manage an entire career section from within your website.

Benefits of using an Online Recruitment Platform
Organize Your Resume Tracking and Job Candidate Tracking From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume
databases, applicant tracking systems can handle your entire candidate tracking online

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