Is AI better at recruitment than humans?

By Poorna Rodrigo

The technology behind artificial intelligence (AI)-led recruitment is ready for take-off. Across Asia, ambitious start-ups and tech giants alike are launching software, from chatbots to full-service candidate management systems, that claim to take the hard work out of hiring.

Automated software, at its most basic, can conduct conversations with candidates that save recruitment managers time. But it can also sift CVs using algorithms, conduct and analyse video interviews and even scan the web for suitable hires.

Questions remain, however. Is the technology being over-hyped? Can it really reduce bias and make better decisions, given that some early incarnations of AI recruitment actually introduced greater bias? And in the rush to automate processes, are we in danger of removing humans so that potential employees are left
“talking to a dumb machine,” in the words of one industry expert?

To understand what’s on the market, it’s worth paying a visit to some of the leading tech firms tackling the sector’s challenges. Singapore-based start-up Impress, for example, provides AI-led recruitment software, and has been firmly focused on making sure its interactions are as “real” as possible.

“ is a software platform that allows the recruiter to design an automated chat-based interaction with job candidates,” CEO and co-founder Sudhanshu Ahuja told People Management. He said the software not only “screens” but also “engages” candidates.

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