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How chatbots and artificial intelligence are disrupting human resources


By Kunal Sen is MD, Korn Ferry Futurestep India

The future of job hunting will rely heavily on artificial intelligence

The process of job hunting can be arduous. While some sought-after job vacancies are never usually posted on the internet, the ones that are displayed can get lost between company websites, job boards and professional social media avenues. Moreover, sifting through multiple job postings is a cumbersome practice and finding the right position that fits one’s passions, experience and goals can be a herculean task for many.

The future of job hunting will rely heavily on artificial intelligence (AI), which can simplify the process in more ways than one. While industry strategies may differ, experts in the recruiting field agree that AI can help streamline the connection between employers and candidates. With the vast amounts of data collected on skill-sets, job titles and salaries, AI can help job boards like LinkedIn make accurate predictions on hiring competition and compensation. It can bring down research time for job-seekers dramatically and assist employers to find qualified candidates faster than ever before.

But what does this mean for HR departments and recruitment firms? If anything, it means an opportunity for evolution. As AI takes on the administrative work, HR professionals will be able to focus on larger goals, where they are really needed, such as employee engagement, team motivation, team building and other areas that harness performance and productivity.

Clearly, AI won’t completely eliminate the HR function, but will rather assist highly-skilled professionals to recruit the best talent and provide further leverage to an organisation, all in record time. Just like the rise of the smartphones and the end of the telephone, we will one day look back at the pre-bot era as a primitive period of the early 21st century.

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