Google Cloud Job Discovery Tool

Google’s new Cloud Job Discovery tool has entered beta testing, allowing talent companies to use Google’s extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to connect employers with the best candidates for their open jobs.

Originally known as the Cloud Jobs API when it was announced in May, Cloud Job Discovery is part of Google’s larger Google for Jobs initiative, which has the general aim to help people find jobs more easily.

According to Google –

Cloud Job Discovery has already been in use as a pilot program by several companies, including career site provide Jibe and recruiting service Hays, with more than 3,000 deployments on company websites and elsewhere. As part of the beta, Google said it’s expanding the tool’s scope beyond job boards and career site providers to staffing agencies and applicant tracking systems or ATS. The company also said it’s adding support for job searches in more than 100 languages.

Most job sites rely on keyword search to retrieve content which often omits relevant jobs and overwhelms the job seeker with irrelevant jobs. For example, a keyword search with any spelling error returns 0 results, and a keyword search for “dental assistant” returns any “assistant” role that offers dental benefits.

Read Full Details of Cloud Job Discovery in their blog post –