Five things to consider before investing in a new Applicant Tracking System

There are many e-recruitment options with varying degrees of capability available to in-house recruiters that fit a variety of needs.

There are also concerns surrounding gender diversity, coping with volume hires in a way that decreases the time to hire and keeping pace with technological change. So, lots to think about.

To help you in deploying a successful strategy and fit for purpose ATS/E-recruitment software solution, consider these 5 points before investing in a solution that will deliver a return on investment and address your existing and future recruitment challenges. You’ll also find a quick reference guide below
with extra resources and e-books on related content.

1. The Heart of E-Recruitment

Understanding the relationship between time, cost and quality should be at the heart of your e-recruitment strategy. If your e-recruitment platform (or spreadsheets) cannot easily assist you with this challenge and deliver a return on investment, then chances are it needs replacing.

2. Talent Pool Strategy

Talent pools – a key part of any recruiting strategy but often under-utilised. How will you nurture and convert your passive talent pools into great new hires? Do you have the tools that will automatically convert a candidate’s CV into their candidate profile and tag them with relevant skills automatically
gleaned from their information? What is your communication plan for nurturing candidates (which then leads to other considerations such as relevant communications, candidate consent as part of GDPR* and tracking candidate conversations).

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