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Job Boards Aren’t Dead, Just Changing

Jessica Nettleton of Decision Toolbox

No doubt you have heard doomsayers predicting the death of job boards. You also likely realize that the boards are still an important part of a diversified recruitment strategy.
However, while the boards may not be dying, the landscape definitely is changing. If you are responsible for recruitment strategy ROI, it’s important to stay abreast of trends.

It’s difficult to find specific statistics on the effectiveness of job board postings across the industry.
The boards themselves may publish impressive numbers, but those need a grain of salt to digest.
Further, there are so many factors at play in any position that it may not be very insightful to look at stats based on lumping together searches at all job levels across multiple markets.

However, you probably track performance metrics for all of your recruiting strategies.
In my own position, I have seen a significant change when comparing the past 12 months with the 12 months prior to that: My company sourced 16% fewer qualified candidates from the big boards like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Monster.

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job boards
job boards