Recruiting Automation

How To Boost Quality Applications On A Job Posting

By Tom Taulli

According to data from the National Federation of Independent Business, there is a record number of unfilled job openings for small businesses. And things are likely to get even worse, as more employers plan to increase their hiring.

So in this environment, there needs to be creative strategies for recruiting, such as with the online posting process.

OK then, what to do? Well, I reached out to Allie Kelly, who is the VP of Marketing at JazzHR. Her firm, which was founded in 2009, operates a cloud platform that helps to manage job postings across free/paid job boards and social channels.

Here’s what she had to say:

What Not To Do

There often is too much emphasis on hard skills. Granted, this should not be surprising since there is fierce competition for coders and other highly skilled employees.

Yet there should also be more of a focus on soft skills. “They are just as important – or even more important – when it comes to making smart hiring decisions,” said Kelly. “This is because hard skills can be taught, while soft skills are very difficult to learn if one does not naturally possess them. Soft skills include time management, problem-solving, organization, delegation, written communication and more.”

Interestingly enough, when there is too much of a focus on hard skills, the result could be that job postings will have language that is not inclusive. And this can be a turn-off for candidates. “Diversity is essential for success in the workplace,” said Kelly.

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