How programmatic recruitment marketing could get more bang for your hiring buck


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By Riia O’Donnell

Programmatic recruitment marketing may not roll off the tongue easily, but it’s the newest tool in a recruiter’s box set to combine the powers of HR and marketing at their finest.

At its best, programmatic recruitment helps companies of all sizes target their recruitment spend to places where they’ll likely get the most bang for their hiring dollar — and it has taken off as of late, according to Lia Mancini, director of programmatic at Shaker Recruitment Marketing.

Just as targeted online advertising uses algorithms to find the right buyers for the right products, programmatic is data-driven and results-priced for recruitment.

What is it and how does it work?

Programmatic recruiting uses technology to determine the best place to post job ads, using algorithms to steer advertising to the right candidates at the right time. In the past, an employer placed an ad hoping that someone qualified would apply. The ad ran for a specific duration and was reposted if it didn’t affect a hire. The cost was the same whether an employer received 100 applicants or none.

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