10 Hiring Tools Small Businesses Love


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By Adam C. Uzialko

For small businesses, hiring the right talent is critical. It’s also a difficult and time-consuming process that can easily become problematic. When replacing a worker costs 16 to 20 percent of their annual salary on average, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Luckily, the hiring process has not been immune to the proliferation of useful software and automation. These 10 hiring tools will help streamline your small business’s hiring process and increase your chances of finding the right candidate to fill your open positions.

As with any other task, using the right tools is important in recruiting. Don’t simply go out and purchase each one of these tools. Instead, ask if there is an apparent need for their functionality in your current process.

Filling gaps only where they currently exist, instead of adopting technology for technology’s sake, is how you truly optimize your process and save money.

Take time to investigate these tools on your own to determine whether they are a fit for you, and your hiring process will be a lot smoother, quicker and cheaper in no time.

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