How the recruitment industry can take the next step towards AI adoption

By Matt Fischer, President & CTO at Bullhorn at Bullhorn

Artificial intelligence (AI) software isn’t new, but it has certainly become more widespread than ever before. Now cheaper to make and develop, AI technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. This also means that it is easier than it has ever been for businesses to take advantage of AI in sectors such as finance, IT and HR, to name but a few.

This has kickstarted some worry that AI will take jobs away from humans. Outside of recruiting, there is evidence that AI will replace jobs that have a high physical labour component and jobs that are very predictable. As most recruiters know, this doesn’t seem anything like a threat to their own jobs. But there is also evidence that the parts of our jobs that are predictable and repetitious will get automated.

That is where recruiters have to stay focused on making sure they are learning and applying new skills – like creating ongoing personalised outreach or building targeted, strong personal relationships – that cannot be easily automated vs. spending their time scheduling calls or posting jobs.

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