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How AI is transforming recruitment and hiring

Artificial Intelligence

By Mahesh Kharade

In the recent past, one of the hottest trends in HR technology has been the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in facilitating processes and decision-making. Many organizations now are leveraging AI to improve the efficiency of their employee engagement, recruitment, performance management, workforce management, succession planning processes, and other processes as well. AI is particularly well-suited for these roles, and it helps HR professionals to focus on complex issues, and leave mundane tasks to be performed by technology.

Although there are many potential use cases of AI, organizations are approaching it with caution and taking one step at a time. A survey conducted by Gartner indicates that 23 percent of organizations who were using some form of AI were doing so in the HR and recruiting domain. Other successful implementations of AI focus on intelligent automation for increased efficiency and assisting users of HR systems or platforms. For organizations looking to use AI in their HR, here are some trends that can be useful in understanding how to deploy such intelligent technologies to improve existing hiring processes:

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