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Eight best sources for remote work opportunities

remote work

By Grace Sweeney

According to a recent Intuit survey, roughly 40% of people will be self-employed by the year 2020. You’ve likely seen the evidence yourself in the form of bustling coffee shops and the growing popularity of the coworking space.

It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of the remote work economy. You’ll get to sleep in, travel the world, strike a better work-life balance, and so on. But if you’re thinking about breaking free from your corporate shackles, there are better places to find paying jobs.

Upwork and Fivver might seem like the best places to start, but freelancers can find themselves doing pro-level work for low, low rates.

Here are some better sources for remote opportunities that will (eventually) allow you that independent, global nomad life you’ve always wanted.

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