Open Source Job Board Software

Open Source Job Board Software

There are several versions of – Open Source license. In general, open source licenses grant licensees the right to copy, modify and redistribute source code. There is a trend these days of software development companies providing paid open source software. Wherein the owners can buy the software, receive full source code and they can modify the code as per their choice.

This is especially popular with WordPress Themes and Plugins being sold by web development companies. The authors provide complete source code and documentation and sites like do the marketing. It is a win-win situation as the buyers get access to full software source code.

Our Job board Software – is also sold under those liberal terms. Where in the buyer gets full source code and they can modify any text, code or design as per their choice.

Also people can contribute; they can make a theme or join the core development of the job board software.
Take a look in our open source code –
Or contact us for more details.

Some free Open Source Job Board Software’s:
JobberBase is an open-source job board platform, written in PHP and MySQL.
JoobsBox is a flexible software for job boards with a plugins and themes system ready for your needs.

OPJobBoard the open-source job board software that helps you set up your own jobsite in minutes

However visiting their site gives an impression that they are not properly supported. So people are advised to use them at their own discretion as their jobsite may get compromised after installation.

Open Source Job Board Software
Open Source Job Board Software