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Mobile First Is The Future For Recruitment Strategy


By Othamar Gama Filho – CEO at Talentify.io

In today’s world, smartphones are one of the most powerful tools we possess, and are used for far more than just communication.
Even for job searches, which previously required thumbing through classified ads or searching on a desktop, mobile’s popularity has taken off.
In fact, strategic consultancy Kelton found a whopping 86 percent of active candidates use their smartphones to begin a job search.

Nevertheless, job applications remain a long and laborious process that employers presume weeds out uninterested candidates (even though they don’t).
And what’s already an annoyingly tedious process becomes a nightmare on a shrunken down mobile device.
Therefore, attracting this new generation of talent will require businesses to design their recruiting process under a mobile-first approach. Here’s why.

Numbers are growing, but conversion rates aren’t.
In recent years, applications through smartphones have seen a steady rise, but conversion rates haven’t, due to the shortfall of mobile-friendly web design.

And while it’s the potential employees that have to deal with the insufficient design, it’s really the employers missing out.

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