Tips to Tweak Your Resume to Match the Job Posting

If you read the job posting carefully, you will find hidden inside the information about the position.

There are some useful points in a job posting you can use when writing a professional resume and cover letter. In fact, you can use the information the company provides to make resumes that get you hired by matching it up with precisely what they are looking for. Here are some tips for tweaking your resume to match the position you are trying to obtain.

Match Your Skills to the Posting

Most job postings are full of skills necessary to perform the job properly. First, remember you most likely don’t need to have mastered all the skills they are seeking. Don’t disqualify yourself if you don’t have all the ones listed. Think about your skills versus the ones they are looking for and ask yourself these questions:

• Do I have most of the hard and soft skills mentioned?
• Do you have the experience or knowledge needed to do the job?
• What is your success rate and experience with the skills in the past?
• What other complementary skills do you possess?

Many skills can fall under broader categories, so you can compare your present skills and level of experience to what the company needs. When you are writing a professional resume, include the skills related to what is listed, as well as your skills sets and experiences that are complementary to what they are looking for.