10 ways to reduce words in job applications

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Applicants often face word limits when writing a job application. This means that every word counts, so watch for unnecessary, irrelevant and redundant words.

Here are ten ways to avoid using more words than you need.

1. Use strong verbs

Verbs reflect the action taken. Using vague verbs not only wastes words, it undersells your case. 'I have also done secretariat work for a committee' can be edited to: 'I provided secretariat support for a committee'.

2. Delete 'required to'

Saying 'I am required to' do certain things in your job wastes words. If a task is part of your job you don't need to say you are required to do it. 'As part of my role I am required to take minutes for the committee' can be edited to: 'I take minutes for the committee'.

3. Delete 'needed to' and 'able to'

Similar to 'required to' these words are usually redundant. 'In my role I need to manage my daily workload and set priorities' can be edited to: 'I daily manage my workload and set priorities'. 'I was able to arrange a meeting with key stakeholders' can be edited to: 'I arranged a meeting with key stakeholders'.

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