Open source licenses grant licensees the right to copy, modify and redistribute source code. There is a trend these days of software
development companies providing open source software. Wherein the owners can download the software, receive full source code and they can
modify the code as per their choice.

There are several versions of – Open Source license. Like Apache License, GNU General Public License, MIT License etc. The software developer can release the software under any of the license and also decide to upload it on open source project repository sites like

Benefits of using open source software

  • Open source licensing doesn’t have any copyright restrictions
  • Source code is available for users to modify as per their requirement
  • It saves time of a software development team to turn a prototype into a working application
  • It has Lower implementation costs as there are fewer people required to work on it

However open source software does not mean it is free software. Also a company will need skilled software developers to use, modify and install the software.

Job Board websites are becoming an ideal option for Recruiters to target jobseekers without huge initial investments.

If you are going to start your own online Job Board, it's very important to choose a reliable Job Board platform that will provide necessary features to run a successful Job Board. is a powerful Open Source Job Board Software designed to suit specific requirements of Recruiters. Job Board Software is also sold under liberal license terms. Where in the buyer gets full source code and they can modify any text, code or design as per their choice.

Also people can contribute; they can make a theme or join the core development of the job board software.

Take a look in job board software source code –
Or contact us for more details.

Company Recruitment site

Some other Open Source options for setting up of a Job Board include:
WordPress is one of the most popular Open Source Software. It is especially popular with Job Board Developers as many Job Board WordPress Themes and Plugins being sold by web development companies.

JobberBase is an open-source job board platform, written in PHP and MySQL.

JoobsBox is a flexible software for job boards with a plugins and themes system ready for your needs.

OPJobBoard the open-source job board software that helps you set up your own jobsite in minutes

However visiting their sites gives an impression that they are not properly supported. So people are advised to use them at their own discretion as their job board may get compromised after installation.

Job Board Software from which also has a built-in Applicant Tracking Software is a good alternate for those looking for stable Open source job board software. It is a win-win situation to use open

source software as the buyers get access to full software source code and they can make any changes in future and companies get a community of loyal customer evangelists. provides the best Open Source Job Board Software. And PHP developers can run the software offline using any WAMP server like XAMPP and make any changes offline. They can also make change in design, forms or code online and use it as a Staffing Software Open Source Job Board software delivers the features you need to build and grow a unique Job Board from the start.

It is easy to deploy, provides enhanced security and is packed with additional integrated capabilities for Recruitment Companies to accelerate sales.

Pl. check the online demo of Job Board Software –

Job Board Theme

Job Board provides a platform for employers to post jobs and jobseekers to apply for them. A Job Board can be setup using a Job Board Software. It is very important to use job board software that is robust and has all the features necessary to setup a good and useful job board.

Below is a list of some of the features that the admin, employer and the jobseeker should have in job Board software:

Open source
Use an open source job board software so that the company can make any changes in software and design in future

Company Recruitment site

Job Search
The primary feature of a job board is to enable viewers and registered users to search jobs. Job seekers should be able to search jobs by location, qualification, categories, and keywords. Also the jobs should have posting dates corresponding to them

Job Search Agent
They should also be able to set up Jobs Search Agent. The Agent searches jobs daily and any new jobs found are reported to the job seeker via email and inbox entry. The jobseekers should be able to subscribe to job agents based on specific job category. When the jobseekers have selected a job, it should be easy for you to apply for it

Easy layout and navigation
The job board is a direct reflection of your business. The home page needs to create a good first impression on the customer. To do so, it should load quickly; clearly explain the purpose of the site and speed customers toward their goals. Making your site user-friendly for viewers, posting clear terms and conditions, providing the right information, and implementing easy registration, job search and employer control panel and other procedures

Order Processing and Merchant Account Services
Integrating your Job Board with your inventory database, passing orders on to suppliers, accepting credit cards, and having a contact number for orders through your Job Board

Employer features
The job board must provide the registered employers with a detailed control panel. That must include ability to add, edit and delete jobs from their accounts, option of including their company profile, Calendar Schedule for fixing meetings, add screeners to filter jobseekers and the ability to print their resumes. There should also be an ability to view photographs of candidates in resumes

Admin Control Panel
The administrator of the site should have full control over global site configurations. Admin should be able to add and delete jobs, employers, clients, job seekers, and job categories. There should also be a provision for Activity Report, displaying that employer’s activity regarding job postings, resume views, inbox, and agent usage. Also the admin should be able to print full list of job seekers and employers in the database along with their contact information

Mobile Friendly
The Job Board must be responsive and work on all mobile devices. As more and more job search happens through mobile the job board must show jobs and let applicants apply for jobs via a mobile device

Search Engine Friendly
Nowadays most of the marketing happens via search engine optimization. So it is very important that the job board. Google is the largest search engine and the job board must be optimized for it by using job format in proper structured data provides the best job board software in the industry.
We will customize the package to your company’s corporate feel and identity. Every aspect of your job board can be tailored to meet your company’s objectives.

Pl. check the online demo of job board software and get back to us for any clarifications.

Blue and Gray Job Board Theme

Pink and Gray Job Board Theme

Gray and Orange Job Board Theme

Blue and Light Blue Job Board Theme

White and Orange Job Board Theme

Carrot and White Color Job Board Theme

Navy Blue and White Color Job Board Theme

Black and Yellow Color Job Board Theme

Dark Blue and Light Blue Color Job Board Theme

Bringle and Pink Color Job Board Theme is a leading Job Board Software provider which has installed over 300 Job Boards. Both and WordPress can be used for setting up a Job Board.

While is a dedicated Job Board Software provider WordPress is a basic CMS that has to be setup in parts to be used as a job board

Using WordPress as Job Board

WordPress is the best Content Management Software that can be used to create a website or blog. It is now the most popular website builder software and powers almost 40% of the websites on Internet.

WordPress has several user friendly features that make it poplar. It has themes and plugins system and a media uploader to add photos, audio, videos files. WordPress Themes are website templates which you can use to design your homepage, change colour, logo, add sliders, background etc. WordPress Plugins can be used to transform the CMS and add added functionalities such as contact form, job board, ecommerce, classifieds etc.

buy job board software

To use WordPress as your Job Board platform requires the following steps:

  • Buy a domain name and a webhosting account
  • Download and Install WordPress from
  • Add a Job Board theme i.e. homepage design
  • Install Job Board related plugins for posting jobs
  • Job Board Theme and Plugins are offered by various vendors and not provided as default by WordPress
  • Add Job Board Title, contact form, payment gateway, social login and other plugins separately
  • Finally post jobs and test the job board thoroughly

While WordPress is free you will have to pay for web hosting, theme, plugins and customizations separately.

Using – Job Board Software

The process to install – Job Board Software is much simpler. Just send the domain name and the entire installation will be completed by the company.

The Job Board Software installation by includes:

  • Homepage theme customization
  • Free Annual Webhosting
  • Ejobsitesoftware also provides full support is an all-in-one Job Board Software. It allows you to build a job board without any help from designer and developer. People who don’t have any website building or coding skills can create a world class job board.

It has several advantages over WordPress such as:

  • Separate membership for jobseeker and employer
  • Job alerts and resume alerts
  • Rate card
  • Applicant tracking system
  • SEO optimization options

Another benefit of using ejobsitesoftware is that you can launch your job board in a day and start your recruitment work almost immediately.

The success of Job Board depends on various factors such as high quality content and posting jobs from good company’s etc .Both WordPress and are good options for setting up Job Board.

Ejobsitesoftware is a better option because it is a dedicated provider of Job Board Software is more robust solution, has more features and can provide long term support.


Rapid growth of internet usage is contributing to a spurt in online job search. The world is shifting to the online mode of communication and so is job search. As it is very convenient for job seekers and companies to communicate and check job status online. Also Job boards are growing faster than traditional print media and will see even further growth in near future.

However there is huge competition and it is very difficult for the Job Board owner to get his revenue model right. So we suggest that you make your Job Board – public face of your recruitment business. Treat a job board as a part of your recruitment company and not vice versa.

Companies should setup a Job Board using a Job Board Software that has built in SEO and social marketing modules like –

You can use the following methods for generating a positive revenue model:

Offline Promotion of Job Board

  • Create a database of HR heads of companies and contact them directly
  • Create and maintain a database of placement/recruitment agencies
  • Post ads in local print/newspaper job classifieds to create initial awareness
  • Hire a person with experience in recruitment/placement industry and who has contacts with leading HR heads
  • Offer Companies/local placement/recruitment agencies free job posting initially
  • Focus on few sectors for recruitment
  • Target people with experience in your sector to – post resume
  • Participate or organize local job fairs and contact jobseekers directly

Online Marketing of Job Board


Content Marketing

Publish Original content. Write lot of informative articles and content related to your sector. Write an informative ebook on your sector and offer it as free download

Job Posting
Post large quantity of jobs from leading companies in Job Board

Make sure your site is optimized for search engines. Identify top keywords with – maximum searches (like USA jobs) & maximum commercial value (High Cost per click like oil & gas jobs) for your sector and post content accordingly. Add your job board in Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics

Knowlege base
Create an atmosphere of knowledge by giving expert opinion, having forum, directory, blog etc on your category

Email Marketing
Collect & send regular emails to all recruiters as a newsletter

Social Networking
Create a network and post messages/jobs in leading social networking sites like – / /

Post jobs in with Job Board link in online classifieds like

Submit and add your Job Board link in online directories like

Submit and add your Job Board link in forums of your sector. Join general/global HR forums and update your knowledge on a regular basis and post your Job Board url in various posts and community discussions

Submit and add your Job Board link in book marking sites like

RSS Feeds
Submit and add your Job Board RSS feed in content aggregation sites like

Guest Posts
Tie-up with other popular websites of your category and exchange URL/links with brief description. Write articles on recruitment sector and publish them online

Submit Press Release
Write and submit press release about the launch of your Job Board

Google Analytics
Analyze Google web analytics and monitor your website hits/views regularly

Banner Manager
Manage featured employers showcase in Job Board and track banner ads

Post Ads
Tie-up with Ad programs like Google Adsense , Facebook Ads and other PPC sites etc

Mobile Apps
Create mobile apps and upload mobile apps in Google play store and Apple iTunes

Add informative videos in YouTube and other videos sharing sites

Analyze Reports
Monitor your statistics like page rank, indexed pages, alexa rank, back links, number of recruiters, job seekers etc on a regular basis

Posting original content and good quality jobs, Search engine optimization, utilizing social media platforms and email marketing using newsletter are the basic steps that are required for Job Board Marketing.

A Job Board Software that has the above built in features must be the preferred vendor by Job Board owners

With the right marketing techniques you can boost traffic, get jobseekers and recruiters to signup, improve your revenues and ensure that your job board will continue to grow over time. est l’un des principaux fournisseurs de logiciels Job Board

Le logiciel Job Board est utilisé pour créer un Job Board et est utile pour les entreprises de placement, les agences de recrutement, les agences de recrutement et toute entreprise qui possède des listes de travail. ejobsitesoftware crée des sites d’ emploi et des sites de recrutement depuis 201 2.

Au cours des dernières années, nous avons permis à plus de 400 clients de se développer grâce à nos logiciels et services de recrutement.

Modules dans le logiciel Job Board:

Demandeurs d’ emploi Les demandeurs d’
emploi peuvent publier plusieurs CV en utilisant le créateur de curriculum vitae, la recherche d’emploi, l’inscription aux alertes emploi et la candidature à des emplois.

Employeurs Les
employeurs peuvent rechercher les curriculum vitae des candidats, s’abonner aux alertes de curriculum vitae, publier des offres d’emploi, consulter les candidats et engager des candidats.

Panneau de configuration L’
administrateur peut modifier le modèle de page d’accueil et ajouter des modules, modifier les catégories de travail, la langue, l’emplacement, la carte tarifaire, etc., à partir des paramètres.

Google for Jobs
Optimisé pour Google for Jobs dans la mesure où il permet aux recruteurs de publier leurs offres afin que les candidats puissent les rechercher sur

Admin peut afficher des rapports détaillés sur le site, tels que le nombre d’emplois, les employeurs, les demandeurs d’emploi, les candidats, les offres d’emploi, les ventes mensuelles / annuelles.

Il y a 10 thèmes intégrés avec des images, des couleurs et des variantes de police différentes qui peuvent être modifiés à partir du panneau de configuration de l’administrateur.

Il existe un ensemble de thèmes réactif distinct pour le site mobile qui peut également être utilisé pour développer une application mobile.

administrateurs de forum et de blog peuvent publier des conseils de carrière et d’emploi sur un blog à l’aide du gestionnaire d’articles, les recruteurs et les demandeurs d’emploi peuvent participer au forum.

Solutions logicielles de recrutement sur mesure:

Job board Theme

Job Board Software est la meilleure solution logicielle de job board au monde. Il permet aux recruteurs d’afficher des offres d’emploi et aux demandeurs d’emploi de postuler à ces offres.

job board theme

Logiciel de recrutement Le logiciel de recrutement peut être utilisé pour automatiser le processus de recrutement . L’ensemble du flux de travail de recrutement, y compris des fonctions telles que la recherche de fournisseurs, la sélection, la sélection et l’entretien avec des candidats, peut être automatisé

job board software list of applicants

Logiciel de suivi des

candidats Le système de suivi des candidats (ATS) automatise le processus de candidature en ligne et de suivi des CV. Cela simplifie les révisions, répond aux CV et sélectionne le meilleur candidat pour le poste . À l’aide du système de suivi des candidats, l’employeur peut suivre le demandeur et automatiser le processus de sélection.

Salon de l’ emploi du logiciel

hôte salons de l’ emploi virtuel en ligne avec facilité pour OTH er les recruteurs et les demandeurs d’ emploi . Le logiciel Virtual Job Fair aide les entreprises à collecter et à conserver le curriculum vitae des candidats qu’elles rencontrent au salon .

Recruitment Marketplace

Logiciel du marché du recrutement

Un marché du recrutement relie les employeurs à un réseau de recruteurs. Les entreprises peuvent gérer tous leurs recruteurs à partir d’un seul portail . Cela aide à trouver des candidats de qualité et à pourvoir les postes plus rapidement.

reverse jobboard theme1

Tableau inversé des emplois

Dans un tableau des emplois inversé, les compétences, la formation, l’expérience et les talents des demandeurs d’emploi sont mis en valeur. LinkedIn .com est un exemple classique de tableau de bord inversé. Les demandeurs d’emploi peuvent créer un profil et mettre en évidence leurs réalisations, tandis que les recruteurs peuvent effectuer une recherche avancée sur les membres. Les détails de contact sont cachés et ne sont visibles que par les recruteurs approuvés par l’administrateur. fournit le meilleur logiciel de tableau de bord, logiciel de recrutement et système de suivi des candidats.

Nous avons servi plus de 400 clients dans le monde entier dans les principaux secteurs de l’industrie et avons collaboré avec certaines des sociétés et organisations gouvernementales les plus importantes et les plus en vue dans le monde pour parvenir à une transformation et à une croissance de notre activité grâce à nos services inégalés qui renforcent l’efficacité des processus et de l’exploitation.

Notre passion pour l’excellence est ce qui pousse à atteindre des résultats exceptionnels.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la manière dont peut vous aider dans votre processus de recrutement, veuillez vous reporter au site pl. contactez nous. ist ein führender Anbieter von Job Board Software

Job Board Software wird zum Erstellen eines Job Boards verwendet und ist nützlich für Vermittlungsfirmen, Personalagenturen, Personalbeschaffungsfirmen und jedes Unternehmen, das sich einer Börsennotierung anschließt . ejobsitesoftware richtet seit 201 2 Jobbörsen und Rekrutierungsseiten ein .

In den letzten Jahren haben wir über 400 Kunden befähigt, durch unsere Rekrutierungssoftware und -services Wachstum zu erzielen.

Module in der Job Board Software:

Arbeitssuchende Arbeitssuchende können mit dem Resume
Builder mehrere Lebensläufe veröffentlichen, Jobs suchen, Jobbenachrichtigungen abonnieren und sich für Jobs bewerben

Arbeitgeber können Lebensläufe von Bewerbern durchsuchen, Benachrichtigungen zu Lebensläufen abonnieren, Stellenangebote veröffentlichen, Bewerber anzeigen und Bewerber einstellen

Der Administrator der Systemsteuerung
kann die Homepage-Vorlage ändern und Module hinzufügen, Jobkategorien, Sprache, Standort, Preisliste usw. über die Einstellungen ändern

Google für Jobs
Optimiert für Google für Jobs, da Personalvermittler ihre Jobs veröffentlichen können, damit Kandidaten die Jobs auf finden können

Administrator kann detaillierte Site-Berichte wie Anzahl der Jobs, Arbeitgeber, Arbeitssuchende, Bewerber, Jobansichten und Verkäufe auf monatlicher / jährlicher Basis anzeigen

Es gibt 10 integrierte Themen mit unterschiedlichen Bildern, Farben und Schriftarten, die über das Admin-Bedienfeld geändert werden können

Mobile Für mobile Websites
gibt es eine separate Gruppe von Responsive-Themen, die auch zum Entwickeln einer mobilen App verwendet werden können

Forum- und Blog-
Administrator können Karriere- und Jobratschläge im Blog veröffentlichen, wobei Artikelmanager, Personalvermittler und Arbeitsuchende am Forum teilnehmen können

Kundenspezifische Rekrutierungssoftware-Lösungen:

Job board Theme

Job Board Software ist die beste Job Board Software-Lösung der Welt. Es ermöglicht Personalbeschaffern, Jobs zu veröffentlichen und Arbeitsuchende, die sich für die Jobs bewerben möchten, und dem Administrator, Geld zu verdienen, indem er die Jobbörse betreibt

job board theme

Personalbeschaffungssoftware Personalbeschaffungssoftware kann verwendet werden, um den Einstellungsprozess zu automatisieren . Der gesamte Rekrutierungsworkflow, einschließlich Funktionen wie Beschaffung, Auswahl, Überprüfung und Befragung von Kandidaten, kann automatisiert werden

job board software list of applicants

Bewerber-Tracking-Software Das

Bewerber-Tracking-System (ATS) automatisiert den Online-Job-Bewerbungs- und Lebenslauf-Tracking-Prozess. Dies vereinfacht das Überprüfen, Reagieren auf Lebensläufe und das Auswählen des besten Bewerbers für den Job . Mit dem Bewerber-Tracking-System kann der Arbeitgeber den Bewerber verfolgen und den Auswahlprozess automatisieren

Jobbörse Software

Host – virtuelle Online – Jobbörsen mit Leichtigkeit für oth er Werber und Arbeitssuchende . Mit der Virtual Job Fair-Software können Unternehmen die Lebensläufe von Bewerbern sammeln und speichern, die sie auf der Job Fair treffen .

Recruitment Marketplace

Recruitment Marketplace-Software

Ein Recruitment Marketplace verbindet Mitarbeiter mit einem Netzwerk von Personalvermittlern. Unternehmen können alle ihre Personalvermittler über ein einziges Portal verwalten . Es hilft, Qualitätskandidaten zu finden und Stellen schneller zu besetzen.

reverse jobboard theme1

Reverse Job Board

In einem Reverse Job Board werden Fähigkeiten, Ausbildung, Erfahrung und Talente von Arbeitsuchenden hervorgehoben. LinkedIn .com ist ein klassisches Beispiel für ein Reverse Job Board. Arbeitssuchende können ein Profil erstellen und ihre Erfolge hervorheben, und Personalvermittler können eine erweiterte Suche nach Mitgliedern durchführen. Kontaktdaten sind ausgeblendet und nur für vom Administrator genehmigte Personalvermittler sichtbar. bietet die beste Jobbörsen-Software, Rekrutierungssoftware und ein Bewerber-Tracking-System.

Wir haben weltweit über 400 Kunden in den wichtigsten Industriesegmenten betreut und mit einigen der besten und führenden Unternehmen und Regierungsorganisationen weltweit zusammengearbeitet, um durch unsere konkurrenzlosen Dienstleistungen, die die Effizienz von Prozessen und Betriebsabläufen steigern, eine Geschäftsumwandlung und Wachstum zu erzielen.

Unsere Leidenschaft für Spitzenleistungen ist der Antrieb für herausragende Ergebnisse.

Wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren möchten, wie bei Ihrem Einstellungsprozess helfen kann, pl. Kontaktieren Sie uns . là nhà cung cấp hàng đầu về Phần mềm bảng công việc

Phần mềm bảng công việc được sử dụng để xây dựng một bảng công việc và rất hữu ích cho các công ty vị trí, cơ quan nhân sự, công ty tuyển dụng và bất kỳ công ty nào có danh sách jo b. ejobsitesoftware đã thiết lập bảng công việc và trang web tuyển dụng kể từ năm 201 2.

Trong nhiều năm qua, chúng tôi đã trao quyền cho hơn 400 khách hàng để đạt được sự tăng trưởng thông qua phần mềm và dịch vụ tuyển dụng của chúng tôi.

Các mô-đun trong phần mềm bảng công việc:

Người tìm việc Người tìm
việc có thể đăng nhiều Hồ sơ bằng cách sử dụng trình tạo sơ yếu lý lịch, tìm kiếm việc làm, đăng ký thông báo việc làm và áp dụng cho công việc

Nhà tuyển dụng Nhà tuyển
dụng có thể tìm kiếm Sơ yếu lý lịch của Ứng viên, đăng ký nhận thông báo sơ yếu lý lịch, đăng công việc xem ứng viên và tuyển dụng ứng viên

Bảng điều khiển
Quản trị viên có thể thay đổi mẫu trang chủ và thêm mô-đun, thay đổi danh mục công việc, ngôn ngữ, vị trí, thẻ giá vv từ cài đặt

Google for Jobs
Tối ưu hóa cho Google for Jobs vì nó cho phép nhà tuyển dụng đăng công việc của họ để ứng viên thực sự có thể tìm được việc làm trong

Quản trị viên Analytics
có thể xem báo cáo chi tiết về trang web như số lượng công việc, nhà tuyển dụng, người tìm việc, ứng viên, lượt xem công việc, doanh số hàng tháng / hàng năm

Chủ đề
Có 10 chủ đề tích hợp với các biến thể hình ảnh, màu sắc và phông chữ khác nhau có thể được thay đổi từ bảng điều khiển quản trị viên

Điện thoại di động
có một riêng biệt bộ đáp ứng các chủ đề cho trang web di động mà cũng có thể được sử dụng cho việc phát triển một ứng dụng di động

Diễn đàn và
Quản trị viên Blog có thể đăng lời khuyên về nghề nghiệp và công việc trong blog bằng cách sử dụng trình quản lý bài viết, nhà tuyển dụng và người tìm việc có thể tham gia diễn đàn

Giải pháp phần mềm tuyển dụng tùy chỉnh:

Job board Theme

Phần mềm

bảng công việc là giải pháp phần mềm bảng công việc tốt nhất trên thế giới. Nó cho phép nhà tuyển dụng đăng việc và người tìm việc để xin việc và Admin có thể và kiếm tiền bằng cách điều hành bảng công việc

job board theme

Phần mềm tuyển dụng Phần mềm tuyển dụng có thể được sử dụng để tự động hóa quy trình tuyển dụng . Toàn bộ quy trình tuyển dụng bao gồm các chức năng như tìm nguồn cung ứng, lựa chọn, sàng lọc và phỏng vấn ứng viên có thể được tự động hóa

job board software list of applicants

Phần mềm theo dõi

người nộp đơn Hệ thống theo dõi người nộp đơn (ATS) tự động hóa quá trình theo dõi đơn xin việc trực tuyến và tiếp tục theo dõi. Nó đơn giản hóa việc xem xét, trả lời hồ sơ và chọn ứng viên tốt nhất cho công việc . Sử dụng Hệ thống theo dõi người nộp đơn, Chủ lao động có thể theo dõi người nộp đơn và tự động hóa quy trình lựa chọn

Hội chợ việc làm phần mềm

chủ hội chợ việc làm ảo trực tuyến một cách dễ dàng cho oth er nhà tuyển dụng và người tìm việc . Phần mềm hội chợ việc làm ảo giúp làm cho các công ty thu thập và lưu hồ sơ của các ứng viên mà họ gặp tại hội chợ việc làm .

Recruitment Marketplace

Phần mềm Thị trường Tuyển dụng

Một Thị trường Tuyển dụng kết nối employe rs với một mạng lưới các nhà tuyển dụng. Các công ty có thể quản lý tất cả các nhà tuyển dụng của họ từ một cổng thông tin duy nhất . Nó giúp tìm ứng viên chất lượng và lấp đầy công việc nhanh hơn.

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Hội đồng việc làm ngược

Trong bảng công việc đảo ngược, các kỹ năng, giáo dục, kinh nghiệm và tài năng của người tìm việc được đề cao. LinkedIn .com là một ví dụ cổ điển của một bảng công việc đảo ngược. Người tìm việc có thể tạo một hồ sơ và nêu bật thành tích của họ và nhà tuyển dụng có thể thực hiện tìm kiếm nâng cao trên các thành viên. Chi tiết liên lạc được ẩn và chỉ những nhà tuyển dụng có thể nhìn thấy được phê duyệt bởi quản trị viên. cung cấp phần mềm bảng công việc tốt nhất, phần mềm tuyển dụng e và hệ thống theo dõi ứng viên.

Chúng tôi đã phục vụ hơn 400 khách hàng trên toàn thế giới trong các phân khúc công nghiệp lớn và đã làm việc với một số công ty và tổ chức chính phủ tốt nhất và hàng đầu trên toàn thế giới để đạt được sự chuyển đổi và tăng trưởng kinh doanh thông qua các dịch vụ vô song của chúng tôi nhằm tăng hiệu quả hoạt động.

Niềm đam mê của chúng tôi đối với sự xuất sắc là những gì thúc đẩy để đạt được kết quả xuất sắc.

Nếu bạn muốn tìm hiểu thêm về cách có ​​thể giúp với quy trình tuyển dụng của bạn, pl. liên hệ với chúng tôi .

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