Features of Applicant Tracking System

Ejobsitesoftware.com Applicant tracking system gathers job requirements, automatically posts those requirements to the career site, qualifies job applicants, processes resumes, matches candidates with the requirements, shortlists candidates, and sends automated emails to selected candidates.


What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is an online application that maintains the records of all applicants. Applicant tracking system automates the online job application and resume tracking process including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.


Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking Software tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting, resume application through to offer acceptance and hiring. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and placement consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated.


Human Resources Degree Program

Human resource (HR) refers to the efficient management of human capital of a company. It includes recruitment, promotion, development and training of talent, and making sure that the employees work at their optimum capability.


Job Profile of Human Resource Professional

As a human resource (HR) professional, it will be your job to assist your organization attract, recruit and retain the best talent, and to make sure that they work at their highest efficiency. It is done by providing training to employees, as well by giving them development opportunities by motivating them etc.


How to become an HR Professional

Human Resource (HR) is the most common work function in the corporate world. Whether a company makes computers or cars, it is almost certain that the company will have a human resource department and HR professionals manning its posts.


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Why Recruiters should setup a Job Board

Recruitment is probably one of the most challenging activities for businesses today. Despite advancements in technology and the explosion of social media, finding the right person with the right skills at the right time is still highly competitive


Job Board WhitePapers

Five steps to become a successful recruiter

The recruitment field is becoming more demanding than ever before. With greater number of jobs, comes the challenge of greater and better recruitment. Here are some steps that a recruiter can follow to become more successful


Job Board WhitePapers

Skyrocketing growth of Job Board and niche job boards

Online Job Sites are certainly growing faster than traditional print media and that won’t change. Rapid penetration of Internet is contributing to a growth spurt to online job sites


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a Job Board

Traffic from search engines is the most cost-effective way to generate hits to your job site. Recruiters and job seekers acquired through search engine are the best in terms of required metrics such as unique visitors, online registrations and total hits etc


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Simple steps to make more money out of your Job Board

Apart from job posting and resume search that the Job Board normally charges a user, they can supplement their income by Google ads, PPC, banner, RSS, affiliate sales, selling text links etc


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Evolution of e-recruitment

E-recruitment: also referred as internet recruitment or online recruitment, is the use of the internet for attracting, hiring and retaining job seekers. As the number of people searching online for jobs increases, companies are taking advantage of e-recruiting software to manage the entire recruitment process and reduce recruitment-related costs


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Web 2.0 and its impact on recruitment

The key aspect of Web 2.0 is that instead of being a channel of communication the web is now moving towards a more collaborative community where anybody can develop content and share views with the world

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