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The company has developed an advanced online software for setting up a specialized job board
We are based in Delhi, India and have over 300 clients across the world

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1. PHP Developer

Job Description

Required PHP developer
Must have at least 2 years of PHP/MySQL programming experience
To develop web based applications using technologies like PHP, MySQL, Apache
Knowledge of API development

Candidate Profile:
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in web application development
  • Backend API development for Mobile Apps
  • Develop Web Applications based on Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache
  • Ensure that the web applications confirm to quality standards
  • Know MVC architecture

Keyskills: PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, API
PHP Developers Pl. Submit Resume

2. Android Developer

Job Description

Android Developer required
Design and Develop Android applications.
Test, debug and maintain the Android Apps.

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Experience with Android Application Development
  • Around 1-2 years of software development experience
  • Should have worked in Android Studio, Java, Android SDK, Eclipse
  • Understanding of Java programming language
  • Must be a quick learner and be adaptable to new technologies
  • Location North Delhi

Keyskills: Android, Java, Android Studio
Android developers Pl. Submit Resume

3. iPhone Developer

Job Description

iPhone Developer required
Develop mobile applications using iOS Platform

  • Programming Knowledge of Swift, Xcode, Objective C, Cocoa and iPhone SDK
  • Aware of Apple IOS Apps Guidelines & Compliance
  • Have experience in IOS Development and iPhone apps
  • Have knowledge of database and SDLC
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills.

Keyskills: Swift, Objective C, Xcode, Cocoa, ios, Sqlite, XML, Json, Iphone, API, SDK, C++, OOPS
iPhone developers Pl. Submit Resume

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Reverse Job Board Themes


These themes are perfect for your Reverse Job Board. They are built-in the software and there is no additional cost



If you like something you can’t find in our themes, submit a request and our design team will design a new job board template for your project
Pl. send us your benchmark websites or ready PSD and we will design a custom theme for your job board within 3-4 days

Job Board Software Reviews

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Set Up Your Own Career Site

Technology has made it possible to easily source and hire staff online.

You can now setup an online career site for your company – to your exact specifications – and hire candidates directly. There by making huge savings by eliminating hiring consultants and staffing agencies.

Whether you are a large organisation who wishes to source and hire your staff without having to use recruitment agencies or you are a smaller recruiter who needs an easy and functional site for your own use – check out – ejobsitesoftware.com

Building your custom career site is easy – simply add the features that you need into a sleek and simple interface. Your company logo, text and design can be included for a truly professional finish.

Benefits of setting up a Company Career Site

• Improve company branding
• Showcase employee benefits and perks
• Eliminate middlemen, hire employees directly
• Keep a repository of CV’s
• Do the entire applicant tracking online
• Stay in touch with candidates
• Send company newsletter and job alerts

The features in career site include – Applicant tracking, job posting, resume management and response handling are effortless. Manage your entire process from an intuitive admin panel, and set your own privacy settings. Track the progress of jobs and applicants from the comfort of your laptop.
Set screening questions for jobs and filter out the best matches. Compare resumes and profiles with a single click.

E Jobsite Software integrates with the online search engines and makes your jobs easy to find and relevant. Each job is automatically created with an SEO friendly URL which means that the right people will find your job quickly and effortlessly.

Online profiles are quickly and easily created for job seekers who can also track the progress of their own applications and gauge employer interest. Find out more about the hiring company and receive offers – all online.

The mobile app allows you to access jobs, resumes or candidate profiles anywhere, and at any time, helping you to stay on top of alerts and messages.

Setting up a custom career site puts the power back into your hands – you can make the process as simple as you need it to be.

E Jobsite Software is the answer automating the recruiting processes by setting up a company career site.

To setup a company career site, pl. contact us

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Staffing Software

Benefits of Staffing Software

Staffing firms help companies in their recruitment efforts.
Finding the best employee for a company is a very difficult task in today’s highly competitive market. Whether companies are looking for temporary or full-time employees, they rely on staffing firms to select desirable candidates, save time and hire skilled employees.

Staffing agencies need to setup the best staffing software to meet the recruitment needs of the companies
Using ejobsitesoftware.com software, Staffing Companies can save time by not having to sort through thousands of job applications when a position opens up and avoids making a bad hire, which takes more time to fill the position a second time.

Staffing software solutions also let you manage your document work, track the performance of applicants, keeping full record of the completed and on-going projects, and more.

As all these processes are crucially important, you must have online staffing software that can effectively meet your requirements without affecting the flexibility and without any downtime. Here we are going to tell you the complete process of implementing online staffing software.
Benefits of an online staffing software using ejobsitesoftware.com

Whether you are looking for staffing software or Applicant tracking software which can track all of your applicants, ejobsitesoftware.com can really help you implement an online software.

ejobsitesoftware.com helps you to implement an online staffing system which eliminates the need of cumbersome paper work.
When you will implement your own online staffing or recruitment software, Ejobsitesoftware will offer you to incorporate the advanced functionality along with providing the basic features.

Benefits of ejobsitesoftware.com Staffing Software

  • Full control to manage your job postings, keep track of the applicants
  • Setup and access to the resume database
  • Keep an updated database of companies, recruiters and clients
  • Set the specific resume search filters which will help your organization to keep proper record of the applicants
  • Enhance the functionality website by posting jobs, job search with keywords, by company, by job category, by location etc
  • Reduce the burden of administration through its streamline processes, high speed and full accuracy

Ejobsitesoftware staffing software offers you that end-to-end solution for your recruitment process. It allows you to manage the accounts of your recruitment staff, offers functionality to set up your own profiles and company logo.

It provides you the required functionality so that you can implement a software specific to your needs. Moreover, you don’t need any technical skill to administer that software as it will be fully automated.

No matter whether you are having a big staffing business or a single person staffing agency ejobsitesoftware.com’s dynamic and highly productive and fully automated recruitment software will definitely meet your requirements.

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Reverse Job Board

In a reverse job board the main focus of job board is on candidate profile and resume rather than jobs
Candidate details are partially displayed to viewers of the site
Subsequent to companies buying resume search access the contact details of candidates are revealed
Linkedin is also an example of Reverse Job Board

The flow of Reverse Job Board is as follows:

  • Candidates can build their profile on job board for companies to view
  • They can also pay fees to have their resume featured in resume search result
  • Companies can login and view candidates profile and resume
  • They can directly connect with candidates and pitch them about open positions

Reverse Job Board has lot of scope for hiring high end experienced candidates since the companies can actually view the work experience and candidate profile without wasting time on job postings

Build a Reverse job board using ejobsitesoftware.com – Job Board Software
Contact us for more details

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Recruitment Software

Recruitment sector is in the process of rapid change. All recruitment related business processes are being automating online. Mobile Apps, Online Software’s, Cloud computing and social media has totally changed the way Recruitment is done now a days.

Online recruitment software has variety of benefits for any business, which is why you should consider using such an application for hiring employees online.

Ejobsitesoftware.com is a leading provider of an advanced Online Recruitment Software.

Ejobsitesoftware is a web-based Recruitment Software built on PHP/MySQL/Linux (LAMP) Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced recruitment site.

Benefits of ejobsitesoftware

  • Each installation customized to specific client requirement
  • Save time as very advanced features like ATS already built in
  • Jobseeker features like advance job search, job alert, reports
  • Employer features like resume search, resume alert, Applicant Tracking System
  • Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting to selection
  • Access software from iPhone, Android App and Mobile Phone

Advantages of Online Recruitment Software

a. Collaboration

Using recruitment software you have the ability to better work with all departments within your company and figure out staff needs. If a person leaves their current position, with help from the recruitment software you can find the necessary replacement from the candidates list that’s already a part of the software. You can also use this tool to manage all your candidates and their CVs when you acquire them.

b. Efficient postings

With help of recruitment software you have the ability to create a custom website where you can manage applications and work flows. This way you brand yourself more efficiently and the experience of actually selecting the candidates is a lot better to say the least.

c. Continual access

The recruitment software offers immediate access to the database, candidates and all information stored on it. The access is 24/7 so whenever you want to access it you can easily do so. Many apps like this offer the ability to work remotely which means that you can literally access the database from another computer if you need to.

d. Better applications

Recruitment software keeps all applicants in a single place, you will immediately be able to figure out which persons are more qualified for your job. It’s better and easier to manage this type of tasks, so all you need to do is to focus on using this type of software to obtain the results you want.

e. You get more applicants

Once you set up the recruitment software it will be a lot easier for you to manage your applicants. This leads to better results, a high quality experience and obviously a wider array of people for you to choose from.

f. Saves time

Using recruitment software for managing applicants and candidates is amazing if you want to save time with the recruitment process. Usually recruiting can be very time consuming and with help from this type of software you can get some incredible results in the end. It’s all about attention to detail and the results will pay off nicely as long as you use the proper tool at your disposal.

There are many benefits that come from using dedicated recruitment software. From saving time to managing applicants more efficiently and so on, there are many opportunities you can access and it all comes down to you to make the right choice. Keep that in mind, be careful to select the proper tools that will cover your demands and the experience will be amazing for sure.

Pl. contact us for implementing an Online Recruitment Software

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