Job Board Software Features List


Our Job Board Software has the most advanced features like advance job search, job alert, Applicant Tracking,
premium membership that results in better response for job seeker
Check Demo of Job Seeker

Job Board Software Features List  

Search Jobs

  • Search jobs by location, category & company
  • Advanced job search with keywords, experience
  • Search Jobs by duration like one week, 30 days
  • US Zip code search
  • Filter search results
Job Board Software Features List  

Job Seeker Profile

  • Quick Job Seeker registration using email and password
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent as auto responder with username and password
  • Retrieve password by automated email
  • Update profile at any time
Job Board Software Features List  

Job Seeker Control Panel

  • View list of applications – jobs applied for
  • Save Jobs – Add Jobs to Inbox for later viewing
  • View how often interested employers viewed the resume
  • Get Automated Job Application Response
  • Add, Edit, Delete Job Search Agent
  • Job alerts will automatically send jobs that match user specified criteria via email daily
  • Mail from employer regarding Interview
  • Add contact list or database of people & companies
  • Add Cover Letter
  • Join Forum
Job Board Software Features List  

Resume Management

  • Resume Builder using a step-by-step resume-building wizard
  • Submit resume to any employer with one click
  • Add Multiple Resumes
  • Add Private/Public/Confidential Resume
  • View / Edit / Copy / Delete / Send / Print / Duplicate resume
  • Hide contact information
  • Make resume searchable or unsearchable
  • Post resume quickly into the system i.e cut and paste or direct upload PDF, doc etc
  • Add Video Resume via YouTube link
  • Add multiple list of qualification, experience, skills and language known
  • Submit Photo
  • View dates of resume – Created On & Last Updated
  • View Resume Statistics
Job Board Software Features List  

Job Management

  • View Job Detail and Apply
  • View Job Response from company
  • Share Job
  • Email a job to a friend
  • Print a job details
  • View the profile of any company
  • View all jobs by a specific company
Job Board Software Features List  

Premium Job Seeker

  • Resume Will be Prominently Featured in Search Resume
Job Board Software Features List  


  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking


Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting
through to candidate screening, selection, sending offer letter and hiring
Check Demo of ATS

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Requirement gathering

HR department or the recruiter in your company can create a profile & register in the system Recruiters can then login and post jobs through a simple form The entire process is automated and online

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Online job posting

The application automatically posts the job requirements on your website All the details of the job profile along with location, job category, salary, company information etc are made visible for the candidates

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Job application

Candidates who visit the website can apply for the job with a single click for the selected job opening Applicants can post resume and apply online

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Resume processing

The system formats and stores resumes in the database It gives immediate information on candidate resume, application history and referrals

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Resume screening and extraction

Our applicant tracking system can perform advance search and automatically match the resumes with the job requirements and lists the candidates based on their qualifications, experience, location, and skills

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Edit applicant round and current status

The employer can change the applicant current status/round to Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check The current status can be revised by changing the drop down to: New, In-Process, Rejected, Approved

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Continuous candidate tracking

The applicant tracking system tracks the candidate throughout the recruitment lifecycle Starting from pre-screening, telephone round, technical round, reference checks, job offer, offer acceptance, to joining

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  

Automated correspondence

After short-listing, the application sends out emails to the selected candidates to take the communication to the next level The recruiter can manage the formats of this correspondence, offer letter or interview call letters

Job Board Software Applicant Tracking  


Shows a consolidated bar chart and date wise status of Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check in various rounds – New, In Process, Rejected & Approved

The ATS enables the hiring managers to manage the recruitment process online They can manage each stage of the process mentioned above and monitor continuously to assess different stages of recruitment

Job Board Software Administrator


Admin has full control over global site configurations
Check Demo of Administrator

Job Board Software Administrator  


  • View Reports of Total jobseekers, featured jobseekers, recruiters, active recruiters, featured recruiters, jobs, active jobs, expired jobs, deleted jobs, featured jobs, Sales etc
  • View Yearly Report, Monthly Report, Latest Orders
  • Link to Visit Site
  • Admin has full control over global site configuration
  • Access to Job Seeker and employer control panel
  • Site administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all drop down lists and list boxes throughout the site ie: Functions, Countries, Categories, Languages, Citizenship ,Salary range ,Experience , etc
  • Search Job Seekers and Employers
  • Set up multiple flat-fee membership for Employers with varying price and time period
  • View Menu and control all aspects of job board – Recruiters, Jobseekers,Jobs, Orders, Search, Reports,Themes,Mobile,Setting, Rate Card, SEO,Banner, Tools, Email templates, Import Jobs, Newsletter, Messages, Configuration, Administrator, Localization, Article manager, Forum, Cron, Print
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • View list of Recruiters
  • Add/edit/delete recruiters
  • Sort Recruiters by Name, email id, company
  • Quick disable recruiter status to inactive
  • Make recruiter featured
  • View Recruiter details like jobs posted, control panel, list of orders
Job Board Software Administrator  

Job Seekers

  • View list of Jobseekers
  • View list of paid jobseekers
  • Add/edit/delete Jobseekers
  • Sort Recruiters by Name, email id
  • Quick disable jobseeker status to inactive
  • Make jobseeker featured
  • View jobseeker details from control panel
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • View list of Jobs
  • View Job stats like – Number of Viewed, Clicked, Applications
  • View list of Active Jobs, Expired Jobs, Deleted Jobs, Other Jobs
  • View Job board jobs and imported jobs
  • Edit/delete Jobs
  • Sort Jobs by Company, Title, Date
  • Quick disable job status to inactive
  • Make job featured
  • View job details from control panel


  • View List of Orders
  • Edit/delete Order
  • View Featured Jobseeker and Employer Orders
  • View Orders by – Pending, Processing, completed
  • View Orders by Order ID
  • View Orders by – Total Amount, Date Purchased, Status
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Search Jobseeker by keyword, location,email id, job category, Name etc
    Search Employer
  • Search Resumes by Name, Email-address, Resume title, Available, Rating, Date
    View Resumes
  • Rate Resumes
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • View Year wise Reports
  • View Month wise Reports
  • View Total number of jobseekers, featured jobseekers,
  • View Total number of recruiters, active recruiters,featured recruiters
  • View Total number of jobs, active jobs, expired jobs, deleted jobs, featured jobs
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Change the look and feel of the site through theme management system
  • Add/edit/delete themes through theme management
  • Theme is the homepage Homepage of job board
  • Eighteen themes are built-in the software
  • Fully customizable CSS based design & layout
  • Edit Logo
  • Change theme configuration
  • Edit Theme CSS or Text
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Mobile/Responsive view of job board
  • Six mobile themes are built-in the software
  • Change theme
  • Edit Logo
  • Edit Mobile Theme CSS or Text
  • The mobile theme is the interface for Android/iPhone App
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Location Management: Add/edit/delete – Continent, Country, Zone, Zip Code
  • Job Type – Add/edit/delete job type like full time, part time, freelance etc
  • Job Category – Add/edit/delete job category like Automotive, Software, Hospitality, Oil & Gas etc
  • Jobseeker Language – Add/edit/delete language like English, French, German etc
  • Language Proficiency – Add/edit/delete language proficiency like Conversational, Familiar, Expert
  • Career Level- Add/edit/delete career level like Student, Manager, Executive etc
  • Experience – Add/edit/delete experience duration like 0 month – 6 months, 1 year – 2 years etc
  • Education level – Add/edit/delete Education level like Post Graduate, Bachelors Degree, Doctorate etc
  • Resume Weight – Used in applicant tracking to review candidate matching of resume with job requirement
  • Linkedin Plugin – For Login using LinkedIn username/password
  • Google Plugin – For Login using Google username/password
  • Facebook Plugin – For Login using Facebook username/password
  • Google Captcha – Add Google Captcha to avoid spam
Job Board Software Administrator  

Rate Card

  • For allocating jobs and resume search to employers
  • Plan type Management – Setup plans like Platinum, Gold etc with variable Time period and Fees
  • Change number of Post Jobs and Search CV’s in plan
  • Setup Demo plan with zero fees
  • Setup rate card for featured jobseeker
  • Add payment gateway option like PayPal or manual approval using Bank Transfer
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Add Metatags – Title, Keywords, Description
  • Search Tags – view list of keyword searches in job board
  • Site map – Generate and submit XML sitemap to google
  • Add Google Analytics to view page views and traffic to the site
  • View Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of your website
  • Twitter Submitter – Login and auto post jobs in Twitter
Job Board Software Administrator  

Banner Management

  • Upload Banner – Add banner with image/link or add a adsense script or any other javascript to display banner
  • Add banner for a particular duration like one month
  • Display banner in a particular location in website
  • Add banner link and ALT text
  • Add company info of banner
  • View / Edit / Delete Banner
  • View Active Banners, Expired Banners, Deleted Banners
  • Sort Banner by Company, Duration, Date of Insertion
  • View Statistics of banner ad like AdViews, AdClicks, CTR
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Database Backup – Automatic backup of database in – format
  • Restore database
  • Take Site Backup
  • Send Email to any email account
  • Page Manager – Edit text of pages like About Us, Advertise, FAQ, Privacy Statements, Services, Terms & Conditions
  • File Manager – View or edit any file in software or site
  • Who’s Online – View visitor or member who is visiting or logged in the site
  • Check details of Duration Online, User, Full name, IP address, Entry time, Last click, Last URL
  • Block IP address of spammer
Job Board Software Administrator  

Email templates

  • Ready email templates
  • Built-in email templates like – Job alert, Recruiter account. experience, Resume alert, Jobseeker registeration, Jobseeker account, Recruiter registration, Application send, expired job, Rec. order invoice, Rec. order status update invoice, Job post invoice, Jobseeker order invoice,
  • Jobseeker order status update invoice etc
  • Add, edit or delete Email Templates
  • Email templates are sent upon completion of an event like jobseeker registration
Job Board Software Administrator  

Import Jobs

  • Backfill/Import jobs from and into Job Board Database
  • The jobs will show in job board, job search result
  • The jobs will be posted under an employer id
  • Import jobs by Campaign Name, Publisher ID, Recruiter ID, Location, Country, Job Type, Channel, Job Duration, Max Feed / Keyword, Sort by date / relevance, Status, Active Inactive, Keyword like Banking, Construction etc
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Send newsletter to Jobseekers and Employers
  • View list of newsletters sent
  • Lock/Unlock newsletter for safety
  • View sent and not sent newsletters
  • Advanced Text editor to send newsletter with images, links, font styles, bullets, numbering etc
  • View, delete newsletter history
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • View Response From Employers
  • Reply back to emails
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Edit Site Configuration like Default site title, Site Title, Left Box Width,Right box width, Left box width(Admin), Right box width(Admin), Site Owner, Admin E-mail, Jobsite address, Char set, Default Country, Logout if idle (in seconds), logo Info, Resume contact shown in demo mode, Job Duration
  • Change Minimum Values and Maximum Values in fields
  • Change default Image width and height
  • Backup Manager
  • E-Mail Options like edit E-Mail Transport Method
  • Enable GZip Compression
  • Edit Logging details
  • Edit, enable, disable various Modules in Job Board like Twitter, Facebook, Banner manager settings, default language etc
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Add/edit/delete Admin members
  • Create new admin members
  • Create Groups for Members
  • Give permissions to access files
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Add/edit/delete Currency
  • Set default Currency
  • Add/edit/delete Language
  • Set default Language
Job Board Software Administrator  

Article Manager

  • Post Articles, Category wise
  • Add photo, short description, links, font styles, bullets, numbering etc in Article
  • Preview Article before publishing
  • Sort Articles by Title, Category, Status, Show date and Date added
  • Edit/Delete Article
  • Add Title/Metatags in Article
  • Add/edit/delete Categories
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Add/edit/delete Forum
  • Add/edit/delete Forum Categories
  • Add/edit/delete Forum Posts
  • Sort Forum posts by – Title, Forum ID, Featured, Hits, Inserted
  • Sort Forums by – Title, Category, Status, Show date, Date added
  • Create new Forum by Title, Category, Author, Photo, Description
  • Make Forum post Featured
  • Post Reply to Forum Post
  • Edit Forum setting configuration
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Cron command : Every Day
  • Generate RSS of All Jobs
  • Daily Report
  • Get Alert Before Job Expire
  • plan expire Alert
  • RSS for Forum
  • Generate RSS for Forum Topics
  • Generate RSS of Forum replies
  • Job Alert For Jobseeker
  • Resume Alert For Recruiters
  • For Database Backup
  • Delete Old Database
  • RSS of Jobs By Category
  • Cron command : Every month – Page Rank : Sets page rank of the Site
Job Board Software Administrator  


  • Print list of Jobseekers and Employers by selecting Name, Email Address, Address, Company name and Telephone number
Job Board Software Administrator  

Account Management

  • Edit Admin Login Name, Name, Email Address, Password, Group Level, Account Created, Log Number, Last Access

Job Board Software Employer


It has the most advanced features like advance resume search, resume alert, Applicant Tracking System,
premium membership, Contact Management that results in better hiring for companies
Check Demo of Employer

Job Board Software Employer  

Search Resumes

  • Search Resumes by job category, Rating, Name, email, experience and keywords
  • Also search Resume by location – Country, City, Zip
  • Filter search results
Job Board Software Employer  

Search Applicants

  • Applicants are job seekers who have applied for job
  • Search Applicant by First Name, Last Name, email id
Job Board Software Employer  

Resume Management

  • Save Resume
  • Email a specific resume to a friend
  • Display resume details in a ‘printer friendly format’
  • Add, Edit, Activate or Delete Resume Search Agent
  • Search agents will automatically send resumes that match user specified criteria via email daily
  • Rate Resume
  • Add private notes in Resume
  • Download Resume
  • Send Private message to job seeker
Job Board Software Employer  

Employer Reports

  • View Job status and applicant pipeline
  • View Total jobs posted, active jobs, expired jobs
  • View Total applicants and Selected applicants
Job Board Software Employer  

Employer Profile

  • Quick Employer registration using email and password
  • Buy job postings or resume database access
  • Option of including company profile and logo
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email
  • Update profile at any time
  • Company profile page with jobs created automatically
Job Board Software Employer  

Manage Users

  • Setup multiple accounts for colleagues within company
  • Employers can Create and manage sub-accounts
Job Board Software Employer  

Applicant Tracking

  • View Applicants
  • Track, qualify, rate and view the hiring status of candidates
  • Edit applicant round and current status
  • Send Interview Request
  • Select Candidate
Job Board Software Employer  

Recruiter Control Panel

  • Graphical display of Job Status and applicant pipeline
  • Resume Manager Inbox – Option to save and delete resumes
  • Add contact list or database of people & companies
  • Join Forum
  • View – Response from admin
  • View Rate Card
Job Board Software Employer  

Job Management

  • Post, edit and delete jobs
  • Import Multiple Jobs
  • Activate or deactivate jobs
  • View list of active jobs, expired Jobs, deleted Jobs
  • The Preview Job Posting option allows you to validate a job posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the job goes “live”
  • View Job Statistic, Order History and Activity Report
  • View number of click through and applications job has received
  • Auto-response email to a job posting
  • Automatically receive automated emails notifying of expiring jobs or membership to renew online
  • Get a SEO friendly URL of your job link so that it can be indexed by search engines
  • Redirect Job application to specific – URL
Job Board Software Employer  

Applicant Screening

  • Ability for employers to create questions to job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a job
  • Add, edit, delete questions to be asked
Job Board Software Employer  


  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list