Wolf of Wall Street – Launches Job Board to Help Former Criminals Find Work


By Joel Cheesman

This news probably won’t end up in a movie deal starring Leo DiCaprio, but it’s certainly worth sharing here. In addition to being the original “Wolf of Wall Street,” a character popularized in the 2013 film by Martin Scorsese, Richard Bronson is now the CEO of a relatively new job board called 70 MillionJobs. Inspired by 70 million Americans who have criminal records, the site’s mission is to help employ as many of them as possible.

Bronson’s own experience in jail served as motivation to help others coming out of prison. “I came out essentially destitute, with no home, no money, no job, no prospects no future,” he said in a release. “Everywhere I turned, I found doors slamming in my face.”

The website, which looks similar to most job sites, aims to match former perps with employers in need of workers. Bronson says people with criminal records tend to make great employees, because they work extra hard because they don’t take their jobs for granted.

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