Vauxhall launches Retailer Recruitment Service to UK retail network


Vauxhall has launched its new Retailer Recruitment Service (RRS) following a successful pilot phase in the first half of 2018.

RRS is a recruitment service that makes use of social media to attract applicants to vacancies, and has been offered via its long-standing partner GMD People.

The system pre-screens candidates in a way that “removes bias and subjectivity”, providing the broadest assessment of their suitability.

Go Vauxhall’s group operational director, Tim Pickering, said: “We piloted RRS at ten sites across London with a view to reducing spirally agency costs and improving the generally poor selection of candidates.

“Within the first two months of using the service, we recruited six strong candidates into the business at a relatively low cost. As a result, we now always place any new vacancies with RRS.”

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