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Resume of the future will tell employers who you are


By Oliver Staley Resumes are a poor proxy for a human being. Whether on paper or LinkedIn, they may tell an employer about a job seeker’s experience and credentials, but they’re frustratingly silent about almost everything else. They have virtually nothing to say about a candidate’s personality, or their character, or their ability to persuade […]

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Looking for a job? You might want to clean up your social media accounts


Nice Article by – By Amanda Schagane, Career Coach of Gatton College of Business & Economics at UK If you are job searching, it is well worth your time to prioritize a thorough sweep of your social media account content to ensure you are comfortable with your online brand. Monitoring your privacy settings on your […]

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30 Second Screening: Will Your Résumé Survive?


By Gavin Lister Anecdotal evidence consistently suggests that many recruiters and hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds on the first reading. Will a Summary or Profile section help your résumé Read More:

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What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume


According to TheLadders research, recruiters spend an average of “six seconds before they make the initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision” on candidates. The study used a scientific technique called “eye tracking” on 30 professional recruiters and examined their eye movements during a 10-week period to “record and analyze where and how long someone focuses […]

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