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These companies get gold stars for their recruitment processes


By Vicki Salemi Countless job seekers are still getting ghosted by employers or seeing their enormous, time-consuming online job applications disappear into a black hole. Consequently, recruiting gets a bad rap. Fortunately, despite some companies’ weak practices, others are making all the right moves. On Monday [OCT 15] in Orlando, Fla., the Talent Board (, […]

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A recruiter’s guide to writing a job description

job description

Content is king. There are millions of jobs for job seekers to go through and attain potential recruits and if you do not pique their interest from the beginning, there is a high risk of them moving on to next job. Content is king with regards to recruitment advertising as well. Like all marketing activities, […]

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Attract Candidates, Don’t Just Track Them


By Joanne McDonagh It is safe to say with the amount of statics out there, recruitment marketing is not a fad. That being said, there is still a reasonably sized group of professionals in the recruitment industry that don’t realise the difference between an ATS and recruitment marketing software. Often thinking that they have to […]

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Benefits And Shortcomings Of Blind Hiring In The Recruitment Process


By John Feldmann – Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services Most companies are well aware of the importance of employing a diverse workforce. Diversity in areas such as employee background, race, gender, age and religion sends a message of inclusivity both inside and outside the company, creating a competitive advantage in a diverse world. However, […]

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Is AI better at recruitment than humans?


By Poorna Rodrigo The technology behind artificial intelligence (AI)-led recruitment is ready for take-off. Across Asia, ambitious start-ups and tech giants alike are launching software, from chatbots to full-service candidate management systems, that claim to take the hard work out of hiring. Automated software, at its most basic, can conduct conversations with candidates that save […]

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How to hire for high growth companies

online recruitment

By Sreelesh Pillai is the General Manager, Freshworks Australia A great company is built on great talent, and for this very reason, hiring teams can take an immense amount of time and effort with their hiring process. This is especially true for high-growth companies that tend to see their headcount skyrocket year-on-year. For example, when […]

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AI-enabled recruitment management systems seek out bias

artificial intelligence

By Patrick Thibodeau Employers are increasingly using recruitment management systems as a way to recognize unconscious bias and improve hiring diversity. In the process, they’re changing their own HR hiring practices. One of the goals is to hire based on cognitive diversity, which encompasses people with different perspectives and problem-solving abilities. The approach is different […]

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Mobile First Is The Future For Recruitment Strategy


By Othamar Gama Filho – CEO at In today’s world, smartphones are one of the most powerful tools we possess, and are used for far more than just communication. Even for job searches, which previously required thumbing through classified ads or searching on a desktop, mobile’s popularity has taken off. In fact, strategic consultancy […]

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Three Recommendations To Help Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem


By Stephanie Bravo – founder of From human resources to the executive suite, tech leaders have often decried that they can’t find qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds. They will often cite the “pipeline” as the problem, shifting responsibility to colleges and universities for not graduating enough STEM students to fill their open positions. Their […]

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How to Make Sure Your Candidates’ Data is Safe During Recruitment


By Amelia Dermott If you’re a hiring manager, you probably receive a lot of personal data from many potential job candidates. That type of information is usually sensitive and needs to be kept secure. Recruiters are dealing with massive amounts of such information, but the topic of candidate data safety almost never comes up. Most […]

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Eight Reasons Why Social Recruiting Beats Traditional Recruiting


Nice Article by – It has always been challenging to recruit top talent. Companies world over are turning towards social recruiting to source candidates easier and quicker. Social recruitment is a very trending concept. In simple terms, it is the process of hiring qualified job seekers through multiple social networking sites, other websites and […]

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How to Attract Top Talent in the 21st Century


Finding the right employees has been one of the cornerstones of good business since times immemorial. The first caveman who realized he could sell excess animal skins probably went out and tried to hire the best hunters to work for him. It is nothing new. The industrial revolution almost destroyed this concept as workers became […]

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Best Recruiting Tools Of 2017


By Ji-A Min , Head Data Scientist at Hiring volume is predicted to increase in 2017, which means recruiters will need better and faster recruiting tools. Here’s a list of the 7 best recruiting tools poised to take off in 2017 summarized in an infographic. Recruiting tool #1: Automated resume screening Automated resume screening […]

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Three Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Recruitment In 2017


Nice article by Lars Schmidt of Amplify Talent We’re days away from 2017, but many companies are still hiring like it’s 2010. The entire hiring process—from the way job seekers find listings to the way recruiters reach out to prospects—has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. Now it’s time for every employer […]

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Competing For Critical Talent

critical talent

Prevent critical talent shortages from impacting business performance. The demand for skilled talent to fill roles deemed as critical to business success is outstripping the available supply. Learn how adopting a market-driven sourcing strategy can drive business growth by enabling your organization to better compete for critical talent. Download the Complimentary Whitepaper

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Seven myths are derailing your recruitment program

job boards

By Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer, CareerBuilder Most myths are harmless, but one place they can wreak havoc is in a company’s recruitment program. The world is flat. Bats are blind. The Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space. Myths have been around for as long as there have been people […]

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Promise and Peril of Text Recruiting


Nice Article by Andrew R. McIlvaine Texting is becoming an important part of the recruiting process. However, companies must be aware of potential legal issues. Texting’s proponents say it’s the most convenient way to reach jobseekers, many of whom already have jobs and so would obviously find it difficult to take a call from a […]

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Does the rise of artificial intelligence mean the death of the recruiter?

artificial intelligence

Nice Article By Cath Everett When Deloitte and Oxford University released their study in 2013 indicating that 35% of all UK job types would be replaced by machines within 20 years, it was just the kind of manual processes involved in recruitment that the researchers had in mind. Gareth Jones, partner and head of technology […]

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Automation Techniques That Will Make You Rethink Recruitment

Nice Article by – Kes Thygesen The boom in technology is rapidly impacting every aspect of business, allowing companies to automate a lot of different practices, including the recruitment process. When offering a streamlined application process, companies are engaging candidates with their brand in a positive way. Automation makes it simple for job seekers to […]

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Recruitment in Indian Army goes online

Recruitment In Indian Army

All those interested in joining Indian Army can now register at and apply online. The application process will start on September 1, 2015 on online. Once the candidate has applied, they will get an admit card regarding details about the date and place where they can take their test. The online form and the […]

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