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What is an Online HR system and Why Does it Matter?

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From small start-ups to multinational companies, almost every organisation can benefit from using HR software in order to make their processes and the day to day running of the business more efficient. The majority of online HR systems enable companies to carry out tasks with more sophistication and speed. But what does an online HR […]

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HR software: A force multiplier that streamlines recruitment

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By Karan Jain A human resources (HR) department’s capability is greatly enhanced by new and technologically-advanced software. Such innovative programmes allows HR departments to streamline their functions and the process of finding the right candidate. Modern software is powerful enough to parse through thousands of resumes to find the most suitable candidates. For instance, if […]

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Advanced Guide in Using Software’s for Smart Recruiting


By Josh Carlyle Level up your recruitment strategies with the guide on software for smart recruiting. Find out how industry leaders source and recruit the best candidates. You’ll be recruiting like the pros in no time with this guide. The buzz word of this decade is “smart”. Despite a common idea of developing yourself as […]

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How HR Technology Affects Profit Margins

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By David Soffer Today’s business environment around the globe is filled with philosophies, self-help books and consultants that say they know how to make your business more successful. But what is success to you? Is it the happiness of your employees or getting a five star review? Or is it to become the market leader […]

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TNW and Randstad launch HR Tech program to boost innovation at work


by Lucas Miller No matter what industry you work in, no matter what the size of your company, few things are more important than finding and retaining the best available talent. After all, finding new employees can prove quite expensive, while hanging on to your best workers will give your company the foundation it needs […]

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Police force uses robot software to help find new recruits


ByPaige Maguire and Alan Selby, A police force is using robot software to help find new recruits. Bosses facing Tory cuts say the ­artificial intelligence system will save £100,000 a year by swapping HR staff for automatic applications. Instead of pen and paper exams and face-to-face interviews, wannabe special constables take online tests. Initial application […]

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Five Benefits of HR Technology

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by Elizabeth Quirk Many small and medium-sized businesses hesitate to invest in HR technology because they think it’s expensive and unnecessary. The right HR management tool, however, can be a great benefit to businesses if they choose the right solution that fits their specific and unique needs. In a recent report conducted by Grand View […]

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Technology in HR: Optimising workplace productivity and organisational efficiency

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By Purvi Sheth, I entered the buzzing five-star coffee shop with only half an hour to spare. I was there to meet a 23-year-old who had promised to dazzle me with his new age human resources (HR) analytics tool. “You must use this with all your clients,” he exclaimed, “It will change how HR works […]

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How To Choose The Right Recruitment Software For Your Business

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Written by Apoorv Bhatnagar Recruitment these days is a hard task and there’s simply no other way of putting it. While manual recruitment still finds a position of prominence even in the present scenario, still there is no denying the fact that recruitment software is fast filling its place and that too with great force. […]

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